Release Date: 10/04/2021

  • Patch release for 2021.2.0

  • Added a number of additional configuration parameters for SAML SSO to stack’s .env file

  • Data upgrade required!

    • Tooling included in the package in the base stack, notes added to README, .env files.

  • Components updates:

    • Core 111.5

    • Navigator 2.3.1

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  • API server

    • [OM-36424] [fixed] Deleting files does not delete checkpoints; causing some empty dirs to fail deletion with FOLDER_NOT_EMPTY while they are empty

    • [OM-38134] [fixed] setting new ACLs through set_acl_v2 using either HEAD or any of the checkpoints sets ACLs for all of them”

    • Log processor: now sets a debug copy of a log it’s parsing aside for later debug purposes in event of a crash


  • API server

    • [OM-xxxxx] adding missing licenses


  • API server

    • [OM-37492] disabling new style log system

    • [OM-36781] Used libwebsockets b824504c package version with fixed pong payload issue

    • [OM-xxxxx] api server: meta-upgrade - fixing an issue when paths without a history (such as a channel) weren’t upgraded (110->111)

    • [OM-xxxxx] api server: meta-upgrade - v2->v3 DB upgrade incorrect optional field handling when upgrading mounts

    • [OM-xxxxx] api server: meta-upgrade - fixing an issue while upgrading 109->110, functions to correctly create a key in the DB given

    • [OM-xxxxx] fixing freeze scripts

    • [OM-xxxxx] updating idl (ability to deserialize non-positive floats)