Release Date: 11/16/2021

  • Added LFT_COMPRESSION option to Base Nucleus stack

  • Components updates:

    • Core 112.0

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  • API server

    • [OM-38293] output logs to stderr

    • [OM-35288] adding deep_copy_object_struct command

    • [OM-33094] Use omni1.idl.ts instead of core.idl.ts, fixes in omni1.idl.ts

    • [OM-30334] Implemented ping2 command in the service interface

    • [OM-34044] fixed an stack overflow issue happening in the legacy wildcard code

    • [OM-35419] Extended access log with new information

    • [OM-34185] Fixing Python connection library total_bytes argument being non-optional in LFTUpload interface

    • [OM-31965] Used idl.py@0.7 package version

    • [OM-36424] Make delete/delete2 delete HEAD only when all checkpoints are deleted, set_acl_v2 can set ACLs only on HEAD, all checkpoints get ACLs same as in HEAD

    • fixed bugs in branch list management, checkpoint message deletion, fix setting rollback path in create/copy with overwrite

    • updated openssl to 1.1.1l and libcurl to 7.78.0

    • [OM-27140] Implemented support for passing user data to mount using Auth service’s user store.

    • [OM-39139] Added –lft-disable-compression option to Nucleus docker scripts

    • [OM-27540] Support for OMNI_DEFAULT_S3_PROXY_CACHE environment variable

  • Connection libraries

    • [OM-36524] Avoid using the cache when accessing localhost

    • [OM-31965] Used idl.py@0.7 package version

    • [OM-27140] Updated connection library to 11.15 (update Python connection lib’s RemoteDownload to send Connection-Signature header when available, FileTransfer passes connection id signature on download when url begins with LFT address)

  • Bugfixes

    • [OM-36781] Used libwebsockets v4.2.2-17-g14b610c0 package version with fixed pong payload issue

    • [OM-21145] Used idl.py@0.7 8533e18e package version with fixed close frame issue

    • [OM-37920] Cancel LFT RemoteDownload pending tasks in case of error/cancellation