Warehouse Digital Twins

Digital twins are simulations of industrial assets, processes, or environments. They operate in real time and are physically accurate with true-to-reality physics, materials, lighting, rendering, and behavior. They are both AI-enabled and AI-enabling, ensuring that intelligent equipment, embedded with advanced perception, reasoning, and recommendation capabilities can engage with our physical world and make recommendations and autonomous decisions based on the laws of physics.

Overview of Warehouse Digital Twins.

More specifically, a Warehouse Digital Twin is a real-time physically accurate simulation of a warehouse, consisting of digital representation of real-word objects, processes, and systems within a warehouse. This includes the building infrastructure, material handling machinery, inventory, traffic controllers, robots, and basically everything available within or interacting with the warehouse environment.

In addition, the warehouse digital twin can establish real-time connections to data-streams from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, datasets from Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and other data sources enabling real world connection.

By building a warehouse digital twin, you can perform virtual system testing and measure performance improvements anticipated from layout changes, software optimizations or upgrades prior to incorporating a change into the physical environment. This can play a key role in preventing system downtime, or performance degradation in the physical twin.

Warehouse Digital Twins