Collaborating and Sharing

For teams of artists, designers, engineers, and researchers, 3D production pipelines are renowned for their hurdles and complexity, hindering how ideas and innovation come most naturally to them. Omniverse removes these hurdles by connecting apps, people, and ideas in real time to accelerate production pipelines to bring world-changing ideas to life. Now, for the first time, individuals and teams can realize their life’s work no matter their location or the tools they use, and faster than they ever believed possible.

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is an easily extensible platform for 3D design collaboration and scalable multi-GPU, real-time, true-to-reality simulation. Omniverse revolutionizes the way we create and develop as individuals and work together as teams, bringing more creative possibilities and efficiency to 3D creators, developers, and enterprises.

Collaboration Workflows with Omniverse

Since USDs are designed to have multiple, simultaneous authors, using Omniverse, you can collaborate synchronously or asynchronously without worry. As a result, changes and updates can be made quickly and no need to check out or check in USD files. For example, an asset may be positioned in a scene while the material applied to is modified.

Here is another example illustrating how changes to various layers may happen independently.

Diagram for independent layer changes.

Given these USD properties, traditional workflows which has synchronization points that can be costly due to dependencies during the review cycles, putting the team in holding patterners are a thing of the past. Now, with Omniverse, we are changing these workflows. We simply made design reviews part of the process rather than an event, which led to shorter time to decisions, more opportunities to review, easier review process that can be performed anytime and saving time and effort by not requiring data prepping.

Diagram for a collaborative workflow.

Share with Contributors

Team collaboration using Omniverse is made easy. You can simply share a link with others to review your project.

Step 1, using View, click on File and then Share File option.

Instructions for sharing a file.

Step 2: Copy the URL to this USD model to the clipboard

Instructions for copying the share url.

Step 3: Send the URL to anyone to review. When opening the URL, this will lead the user to Launcher to open it with the desired application.

Screenshot of share url landing page.

Share to Stakeholders

Sharing with stakeholders outside of your organization is also made easy using Omniverse. Using Simple Share, currently only available in early access, you can enable stakeholders with no access to your Nucleus Instance to review your project quickly and easily.

Step 1: Click on the Share icon. Then, add the recipients’ email addresses and then Click Share:

Instructions for sharing with stakeholders.

In Step 4, The design is collected and posted to a Nucleus Cloud instance. An email with a link to the model is sent to the stakeholder(s).

Instructions for sharing with stakeholders.

Then, click on the URL in the email to open the design via the Launcher as highlighted in Step 5.

Screenshot of share email landing page.