Installing Launcher

Administrator Rights

Local Admin Rights on the installed computer is recommended for full use and capability of the Omniverse Launcher. Though the launcher will install without admin rights some tools, connectors, apps, etc may require admin rights (UAC) to complete the installation.

First Run

When first running the launcher after install, you will be presented with a series of options.

  1. Data Collection: Users must agree to allow NVIDIA to collect data regarding usage of the Omniverse Platform.

  1. Paths: Next you will be presented with a series of path selections.



Library Path

This location specifies where apps, connectors and tools are installed when installed from Launcher.

Data Path

Displays and allows selection of the Data Path. The data path is where all content on the local Nucleus is stored.

Cache Path

This is the location the Cache Database will use to store it’s cache files. (if installed)
  1. Install Cache: Though Omniverse Cache is optional, it is highly recommended for users who plan to collaborate with other Omniverse users on your network. This option does require Administrator Privledges on the Installed machine and can be installed at a later time if necessary.


Once installation is complete, please refer to the User Manual for additional help and information on using Launcher.

Using a Proxy Server

For customers using a proxy server in their network, Launcher has an optional switch/flag which can be implemented to use the proxy server.

In the shortcut to launcher, add --proxy-server={serverAddress}:{port} to the end of the target line and replace serverAddress with the address of the server you want to use as a Proxy and port as the prot number the proxy server expects connections on.


Here is an example of what a server address may look like in the context of the switch/flag.

--proxy-server= or --proxy-server=MyServerName:111

Shortcut Example

To implement, locate the launcher shortcut you use to start launcher and use the above flag at the end of the launcher target. Please note, there is a space between the flag and the end of the target line.



In the Server Address, do not use the prefix http:// or https://. Instead, just use the server address without this prefix.


For Omniverse to function correctly, a variety of endpoints need to be accessible.

These endpoints include…

Administrators can choose to either whitelist these entries individually or can be accomplished by using a wild card entry that encompasses them all. For example: https://* can be used to allow all nvidia communication through including the above addresses.