Launcher Release Notes

Known Issues

Cent OS

There is a known issue regarding CentOS using the Omniverse Launcher.

QUICK FIX: Include the --no-sandbox flag when launching from terminal.

Launcher (General)

  • Incompatibility with the latest nvidia display driver

  • Sometimes it can be hard to drag the window

  • If Legacy MS Edge (non-chromium) is your default browser, logging in will not always work properly

  • An internet connection is required to use launcher

  • Occasional graphical artifacts and errors in Launcher UI for certain driver OS combinations

Release Notes

Launcher 1.3.3 (2021-10-21)


  • Added the OS version to com.nvidia.omniverse.launcher.session telemetry event. [OM-38767]

  • Added the locale to com.nvidia.omniverse.launcher.session telemetry event. [OM-39651]

  • Added “Developer” and “Publisher” fields to component details. [OM-39244]

  • Show “Welcome to Omniverse” page on the first launch. [OM-38508]

  • Support installing Enterprise Launcher to a shared location on Linux.


  • Fixed an issue where “Add Connector” button was pointing to the wrong location on the Exchange tab. [OM-38009]

  • Fixed an issue where the default Omniverse app was not reset after its last version is uninstalled. [OM-38297]

  • Fixed an issue where the startup component didn’t react on the background authentication.

  • Fixed an issue where installers that were initiated from the library tab ignored the current queue and started a download immediately. [OM-38614]

  • Fixed Japanese translations.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a delay for queuing new installers. [OM-38719]

  • Fixed an issue where components were added to the library before they were registered by scripts. [OM-39527]

  • Fixed an issue where component platforms were determined incorrectly if thin packaging is used. [OM-39209]

  • Fixed an issue where installers used incorrect path with the latest component version instead of the specified version.

Launcher 1.3.4 (2021-10-29)


  • Show the installation date for apps displayed on the library tab. [OM-40012]

  • Added “Collect debug info” button to the settings dialog to prepare a tarball with logs and configuration files. [OM-37647]

  • Show “External link” button for third-party components on the detailed page. [OM-39537]


  • Fixed an issue where links on the “Learn” tab didn’t work after watching a video. [OM-39927]

  • Fixed showing the latest component version instead of the currently installed version on the library tab. [OM-39479]

  • Fixed an issue with dangling installers in the queue. [OM-40024]

Launcher 1.2.8

Spotlight Features

Previous Versions

Users can now install previous version of Omniverse via a new and improved interface.

../_images/launcher_dialogue_install-previous-version_1.png ../_images/launcher_dialogue_install-previous-version_2.png

Easy Links

When opening files for the first time from a linked location, launcher now confirms the app to load with.


Users can also set the default app manually in settings.



  • Allow to customize system requirements for installable components.

  • Display a notification when applications are successfully uninstalled.

  • Added a smooth transition animation for the library tab.

  • Added thin packaging support - allows splitting large components into smaller packages that can be reused.

  • Added “Exit” button to the user menu.

  • Support installing previous versions of applications and connectors.

  • Added new dialog to select the default application used to open Omniverse links.

  • Support markdown for component description.

  • Show an error message on startup if Launcher can’t read the library database file.


  • Scale side menu on the exchange tab based on the screen size.

  • Updated Starfleet integration to use name instead of preferred_username.

  • Renamed Download Launcher button to Download Enterprise Launcher

  • Display “News” tab inside of Launcher.

  • Use thumbnail images on the exchange tab to optimize page load time.

  • Disable Launch button for three seconds after click to prevent launching apps multiple times.

  • Display an error when iframes can’t load the external web page.

  • Update privacy settings on a new login.

  • Renamed “Collaboration” tab to “Nucleus”.

  • Updated “News” and “Learn” links to hide the website header.

  • Support tables and headers for component description via Markdown and HTML.

  • Changed the inactive tab color on the library tab.

  • Made Launcher errors more readable.

  • “News” and “Learn” tabs open a web browser now instead of showing these pages in iframes.


  • Fixed issues where users could install or update the same app more than once.

  • Fixed resizing of the main window at the top.

  • Fixed issues with scrolling the exchange tab when the featured section is available.

  • Fixed showing the main window on system startup (Launcher will be hidden in the system tray).

  • Ignore system errors when Launcher removes installed components.

  • Fixed an issue when users could not change their current account without a reboot.

  • Fixed race condition when users rapidly click on the installer pause button multiple times.

  • Fixed an issue with installers not queueing up in the correct order.

  • Fixed missing vendor prefix for desktop files on Linux to register a custom protocol handler.

  • Fixed issues with floating carousel images for featured components.

  • Preserve unknown fields in privacy.toml file.

  • Invalidate cached HTTP responses on a startup.

  • Fixed issues with cached URLs for loading applications and their versions.

  • Fixed installing previous versions of applications that don’t support side-by-side installations.

  • Fixed thin package installer did not create intermediate folders for installed packages.

  • Refresh auth tokens when external apps query /auth endpoint.

  • Fixed displaying loading state on the Nucleus tab if Nucleus installer fails.

  • Fixed issue with components not been marked as installed.

  • Fixed sorting of exchange components in the left menu.

  • Fixed displaying hidden components on the library tab after installation.

  • Allow Launcher to start without downloading the GDPR agreement if it’s accepted already.

  • Fixed running applications that require the finalize script after install.

  • Fixed running applications that require the finalize script after install.


  • Launcher Cleanup tool disabled from running during uninstall/reinstall in Windows.

  • Removed OS and Video Driver from system requirements.

1.1.2 (2021-03-26)

Spotlight Features

New “Learn Tab” available in launcher lets you get quick and immediate “in-launcher” access to our video learning portal. From Introductory content for the beginner to highly focussed deep dives for the experienced, Omniverse Learning Videos are now just a click away.


New Capabilities

  • Show available updates for components on the exchange tab.

  • Show component versions in the list view on the exchange tab.

  • Added omniverse-launcher://exit command to close the launcher.

  • Register a custom protocol handler on Linux automatically.

  • HTTP API to get the current authentication info.

  • HTTP API to get a list of installed components and their settings.

  • Added Learn tab.

  • Added new options to group and sort content on the exchange tab.

  • Added the list view for components on the exchange tab.

  • Use omniverse-launcher:// custom protocol to accept commands from other apps.

  • Added the telemetry service for events from external applications.


  • Changed the aspect ratio of images used in component cards to be 16:9.

  • Fixed focusing the search bar automatically when nothing was typed in the input.

  • Fixed reinstalling components that were marked as installed after a restart.

  • Changed the gap between cards on the Exchange tab using the grid view.

  • Fixed refreshing News and Learn pages when users click on the header tabs.

  • Fixed News and Learn links to load webpages without headers and footers.

  • Fixed the scrollbar on the Exchange tab not working correctly when dragged with a mouse.

  • Fixed clicking area for the notification bell.

  • Fixed Nucleus showing up in the library.

  • Fixed “Uninstall” button position in component settings dialog.

  • Fixed the search input losing focus after typing.

  • Fixed losing the search filters after selecting a card on the exchange tab.

  • Changed how content is structured and searched on the exchange tab – moved Apps and Connectors categories to the left menu.

  • Improved the load speed and performance on the exchange tab.

  • Show placeholder in the installation queue if no downloads are queued.

  • Load messages displayed in the footer from the server.

  • Match the font size used for links in the settings dialog.

  • Updated links on Collaboration tab.

  • Fixed extracting files from zip archives with a read-only flag on Windows.

  • Fixed error that crashed browser page and didn’t let users log in.

  • Fixed showing invalid error messages in the exchange tab when Starfleet returns unexpected response body.

  • Fixed expiration of the authentication token.

1.0.50 (2021-03-09)


  • Catch unexpected Starfleet responses and return the error that tells users to log in.

  • Fixed licenses link not working on Linux.


  • Remove debug noise in logs from the auto-updater.


New Features

  • News tab – shows the latest information about Omniverse

  • Show Nucleus Web on the collaboration tab

  • Improved keyboard navigation and accessibility

  • Update info for installed apps and connectors automatically when the library tab is opened

  • Improved the drag area for the main window

  • Remove failed installers from the installation queue automatically

  • Added a button to clear the search input

  • Added a button to open logs location

  • Allow users to copy notification text

  • Hide Launcher when started with the system

  • Change the bell color to red if notifications contain errors

  • Added a header for error notifications

  • Added a link to show open-source licenses used in the launcher

  • Create a user session in System Monitor after Nucleus is installed

  • Show loading indicators and errors on the startup window


  • Fixed installation controls were not clickable

  • Ignore OS errors during the installation cancel

  • Fixed problems with loading internal launcher settings

  • Fixed problems with initialization during the authentication

  • Fixed a bug where users went back in collaboration tab and saw ‘null’ instead of a data path

  • Fixed a bug where users got redirected to a broken Nucleus page when clicked on a notification

  • Fixed left spacing in component details on the exchange tab

  • Fixed issues with invalid usernames specified during the installation of the collaboration service

  • Fixed users were not prompted to select data paths or install Cache

  • Fixed previous Cache versions were not deleted automatically after updates

  • Fixed the launch button on the library tab displaying “Up to date” when update is available

  • Fixed “Cancel” button was visible when installing components

  • Fixed text overflow in the installation progress


  • Added News section to display content from Omniverse News in the launcher

  • Fixed collecting hardware info on Linux when lshw returns an array

  • Add a login session in System Monitor when Nucleus is installed

  • Moved all licenses to PACKAGE-LICENSES folder, added a LICENSES link to the about dialog

  • Fixed user was not prompted to select data paths or install Cache


  • Launcher Introduced