Enterprise Install Guide


Omniverse Enterprise accommodates and supports both on-premises and scalable virtual and cloud deployments.


Need walkthrough steps on setting up your Omniverse Enterprise account and getting your licenses in order? Review the Omniverse Enterprise Licensing Quick Start Guide for more information.

Enterprise Nucleus Server

The following documentation is available to help you properly plan, deploy, and configure an Enterprise Nucleus Server:

Launcher Deployment Options

The Omniverse Launcher is available in two versions: the Workstation Launcher and the IT Managed Launcher. Omniverse Enterprise customers may choose either version depending on their deployment preference.

  • The Workstation Launcher offers a complete experience and does not require IT management for application installation or updates. The Omniverse Workstation Launcher requires network connectivity and an NVIDIA account.

  • The IT Managed Launcher is designed to be used in an air-gapped or tightly controlled environment, and does not require network connectivity or an NVIDIA account. Installation and updates of Omniverse applications are managed by the IT administrator for end users.

Both the Workstation Launcher and the IT Managed Launcher are available from the NVIDIA Licensing Portal.

Virtual Workstation Deployments

Kit based apps (including USD Composer, USD Presenter, etc.) can be run in a virtualized environment using NVIDIA’s vGPU products.

The Virtual Deployment Guide provides an overview of how to set up a vGPU environment capable of hosting Omniverse.

Additionally, Omniverse Virtual Workstations can be run in a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) using the how-to guides here.