Omniverse Create XR

Omniverse Create XR is a spatial computing app that enables users to interactively and immersively assemble, light, and navigate Omniverse scenes in real-time - alone, or collaboratively.


  • Fully Ray traced VR: Omniverse Create XR provides a VR-optimized review and approval application enabling engineers, designers, and creators to immersively experience their full-fidelity 3D scenes at human scale. In VR, users can view, review and annotate scenes, control lighting, navigate with ease, and perform basic manipulations of 3D objects. Leveraging the full power of NVIDIA RTX technology, introducing the world’s first full-fidelity, fully ray traced VR, giving users the ability to view every reflection, soft shadow, and limitless lights, and enabling them to render very high-poly models instantly without special imports.

  • One-step Streaming AR: With NVIDIA CloudXR integration, Omniverse Create XR App allows users to stream AR content directly to a tablet.

Omniverse Create XR supports VR headsets and tablets for VR and composited AR.