Collect service

The USD collection service helps with the batch processing of “collection tasks” of USD files. It uses the collect extension.

The API spec can be consulted by enabling the extension and browsing to http://localhost:8011/docs.

Once up and running, it can be used from any process inside and outside of Kit via the service API.

It supports collecting to local disks, Nucleus as well as remote storage solutions such as S3. Additional storage solutions can be added by implementing the _upload function on a subclass of the BaseUploadCollector.


  • exts."".concurrency: How many copy/write and upload tasks to run in parallel.

  • exts."" AWS region to use. Defaults to None, which means using the region defined in the [default] AWS profile.

  • exts."" AWS profile to use. Defaults to None, which means using the [default] AWS profile

  • exts."" SSL certificates to use. Defaults to False, (don’t verify SSL certs). When True, will use default SSL certificates. Can also be a string pointing to a certificate bundle to use.

For batch processing, this service is integrated into Omniverse Farm as a Farm job.