Omniverse Streaming Extensions


Streaming interactive content to Users is an essential experience of any modern workflow, and Omniverse comes with a number of options out-of-the-box. All technologies make it possible to stream the content of a Kit-based application (Kit, Create, Isaac Sim, etc.) to other devices and platforms.

This makes it possible to provide access to Omniverse features to a wide variety of devices, where it would otherwise not have been able to install Omniverse. Remotely accessing these features enables shared experiences for applications, and can be used for cases such as:

  • Accessing Omniverse from phones or tablets

  • Sharing access to hardware resources with a group of Users

  • Offering live production workflows on the Cloud

Comparison of Available Options

To help pick the right solution for the workflow you wish to offer, here is a brief comparison of the various technologies at your disposal:





Web browsers (all devices)

  • Simple to distribute.

  • Strong support across devices and platforms.

  • Lower latency then the WebSocket alternative.


Web browsers (all devices)

  • Simple to distribute, and to customize for custom experiences.

  • Supports software encoding if hardware encoders are not present on the host.

Kit Remote

Windows and Linux

  • Native desktop application.


iOS and Android

  • Integrates with mobile devices.