Augmented Reality


Augmented reality in omniverse is delivered through the use of CloudXR. CloudXR is an AR/VR extension bringing power and ease to your Omniverse Projects. In just a few clicks, Omniverse can stream your USD content to any supported iOS or Android device and deliver AR/VR walk-around capability.

The extension requires a device capable of running AR on either iOS or Android Platforms.

Host Setup

Hosting an Omniverse XR project is relatively simple. Launch an Omniverse App (ie: create, view) make sure the extension is enabled. And follow the simple host instructions below.

Client Setup

Omniverse Cloud-XR offers the ability to stream to your android or ios devices. Depending on your device setup instructions are below for setting up and connecting to your phone or tablet.


Devices must be AR capable to make full use of this capability. See your phone manufacturers device specifications for details.

AR Capable Android Phones and Tablets AR Capable Apple Phones and Tablets