Base module that provides a search widget for searching the file system

A UI widget to search for files in a filesystem.

class omni.kit.widget.search_delegate.SearchField(callback: Callable, **kwargs)

A search field to input search words


callback (callable) – Function called after search done. Function signature: void callback(model: SearchResultsModel)

Keyword Args:

width (Optional[ui.Length]): Widget widthl. Default None, means auto. height (Optional[ui.Length]): Widget height. Default ui.Pixel(26). Use None for auto. subscribe_edit_changed (bool): True to retreive on_search_fn called when input changed. Default False only retreive on_search_fn called when input ended. show_tokens (bool): Default True to show tokens if end edit. Do nothing if False.


visible (bool): Widget visibility. enabled (bool): Enable/Disable widget.

property enabled

Enable/disable Widget

search(search_words: List[str])

Search using selected search engine.


search_words (List[str]) – List of search terms.

property visible

Widget visibility