Simulation in NVIDIA Omniverse™ is provided by a collection of NVIDIA technologies as plug-ins or microservices to Omniverse Kit. One of the first simulation tools to be distributed as part of Omniverse is NVIDIA’s open-source physical simulator PhysX, widely used in computer games. The objects that participate in the simulation, their properties, any constraints, and any solver parameters are specified in a custom USD schema. Kit provides features for editing the simulation set-up, starting and stopping it, and adjusting all the parameters.

Who is Omniverse Simulation For?

Omniverse can help anyone who is interested in a simulation environment.

Including (but not limited to)…

  • Robotics

  • Special Effects

  • Drive Simulation

  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

  • Film and TV (M&E)

  • Game Development

  • Synthetic Data Generation (AI)

  • HPC Visualization