Full changelog

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.




  • Update runtime build to 0.5.1





  • REMIX-1248: Cursor now visibly changes over vertical bar

  • Add a test video in the doc


  • REMIX-1248: Cursor now visibly changes over scroll bars

  • REMIX-3008: for now, because of REMIX-3008, disable drag and drop

  • Update to remix-0.5.0

  • Update remix-releasenote.md


  • REMIX-2723: Fixed file browser search bar

  • REMIX-3002: Fix when the process executor is run from a Kit that is in a folder with a space

  • REMIX-1090: Fixed capture list popup height math





  • REMIX-2674: Adding a check for similar textures and auto-populating texture fields on value change

  • Updated drag and drop regex to be case-insensitive and multi-texture dialog

  • Create a release note in the documentation

  • Update to remix-0.5.0-rc1

  • REMIX-2939: optimize process executor from Ingestion and AI Tool to not update UI if not visible

  • REMIX-2997: Improve Check Plugins load speed on startup


  • REMIX-2820: Fix project wizard and file picker close

  • Fix property editor crash for unknowns widget builders

  • Start lightspeed.event.capture_persp_to_persp before the global event

  • Fix default waypoint creation (create it in the root layer)

  • Fix incorrect clear value for the viewport (appeared as red instead of black)

  • REMIX-2939: Fix item progression update for the Ingestion and AI Tool (using process executor)

  • REMIX-2422: Fixed Teleport to properly work with prototypes and instances




  • REMIX-1596: Create waypoint for game camera on start

  • Ray Reconstruction to the renderer

  • Gitlab auto release pipeline

  • REMIX-2880: Add Apache license to all files + add Apache license

  • REMIX-2589: Add a way to customize property widgets per-attribute


  • Correcting shutdown function for waypoint extension

  • REMIX-2791: Replace a variety of float widgets with sliders


  • REMIX-2731: Fix AI tools failing for captured DDSs




  • REMIX-2658: Added a menu option to Unload Stage to reclaim resources without closing app

  • REMIX-2640: Always use a group for material properties

  • REMIX-2868: Added CI tool to verify that all tests are in ‘e2e’ or ‘unit’ directories

  • REMIX-2734: Unselect all objects with ESC

  • REMIX-1596: Drag and drop textures from filebrowser

  • REMIX-2667: Added the CHANGELOG.md file and CI check for it

  • REMIX-2492: Added a save prompt that shows up if the project has been modified when closing the app to prevent lost work

  • REMIX-2830: Attribute pinning and properties panel clearing

  • REMIX-2620, REMIX-2636: Add capture list refresh button and fix invisible path

  • REMIX-1924: Enabling waypoints in Remix

  • REMIX-2831: A world position utility, exposed from HdRemix

  • REMIX-2422: Added a new “teleport” tool to bring selected objects to your mouse or center screen

  • Generate RC.1 for QA

  • Pipeline to auto generate release build(s)

  • Ray Reconstruction to the renderer


  • REMIX-2692: Ingestion has the option to use an external process to run, which doesn’t slow down the main app. Enabled by default.

  • REMIX-2866: Moved tests into ‘e2e’ or ‘unit’ subdirectories

  • REMIX-1081: Improved UX for going from an open project to saved one by consolidating 2 dialogs into 1 with Save, Save As, Don’t Save, Cancel options.

  • REMIX-2875: HdRemix extension to be more independent from other extensions

  • REMIX-2722: Update light default value extensions

  • REMIX-2751: Create symlink(s) during project creation

  • REMIX-1076, REMIX-2699: Improve text legibility

  • REMIX-2829: Sanitize the whole project to publish extensions

  • REMIX-2875: HdRemix extension to be more independent from other extensions

  • REMIX-2869: Run the e2e tests, the unit tests, and the doc build in parallel


  • REMIX-2707: Fix issue with material properties changing groups after overrides are deleted

  • REMIX-2715: Fix various issues with the ColorField

  • REMIX-2866: Corrected imports in several test directories

  • REMIX-1090: Capture list header adjustment




  • REMIX-2541: Expose Inference Mode UI for AI Texture Tool

  • REMIX-2526: AI Texture accept jpeg

  • REMIX-119: Automatically switch to the mod layer when a wrong layer is set as an edit target

  • REMIX-74, REMIX-114, REMIX-1483: Add events to validate the project + restore edit target

  • REMIX-2695: Check if Remix is supported

  • REMIX-2028: Add duplicate button to lights in selection tree

  • REMIX-1090: Add tree headers to the capture list to describe the columns

  • REMIX-1923: Add xform copy/paste functionality

  • REMIX-114: Save Authoring Layer on Set


  • REMIX-2669: Fix slowdown on project creation + light optimization

  • REMIX-2521: Adding check for Windows reserved words

  • REMIX-2709: Fix capture window dpi

  • REMIX-1542 REMIX-1693: don’t lose focus of widgets when modifying properties

  • REMIX-2419 REMIX-2736: Handle ‘f’ key press anywhere on layout or ingestion tab. Handle ‘Ctrl+S’, etc. key presses on all tabs

  • REMIX-2719: Choose the same GPU for DXVK, as the one in Hydra Engine

  • REMIX-2722: Adjust default light intensity (first pass. Will do more ajustements)

  • REMIX-2642: Spelling / Wording / Grammar corrections in the Annotations for the Input File Path

  • REMIX-2654, REMIX-2661: AI Tools don’t run on 20-series GPUs. AI Tools don’t get cleaned out of memory after inference is done.

  • [HDRemix] Fix scale not affecting lights

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Known Issue: Unable to Create Projects on exFAT or FAT32 Formatted Drives


Users may encounter an issue when attempting to create projects on drives formatted with the exFAT file system. Currently, the system does not support the creation of projects on exFAT or FAT32 formatted drives, leading to an error during the project creation process.


Users are advised to create projects on drives formatted with NTFS file systems.


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TBD If you consider this feature a priority and would like us to expedite its resolution, please reach out to us through the link below. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us prioritize and address user concerns.

Version Affected:

Current Release

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