Omniverse Farm


Omniverse Farm Queue and Omniverse Farm Agent allow you to run tasks in the background, and to run automated jobs defined by you or others.

They can be used for a number of different use cases, including:

  • Rendering frames or movie clips

  • Sharing resources across multiple machines

  • Automating repetitive, or time-consuming tasks, such as batch file conversion or validating asset naming conventions

  • Generating turntable-style asset previews

  • Generating levels of details for assets

  • Simulating physics, or baking fluid caches

  • Generating USD scenes to train machine learning models

  • Exporting BIM data from AEC projects as USD layers

  • etc.

Both Omniverse Farm Queue and Omniverse Farm Agent are designed from the ground up to be infrastructure-agnostic, and embrace the microservice architecture for flexibility and scalability. This means they designed to run on typical workstations, bare-metal servers or even advanced Cloud platforms such as Kubernetes.