Asset Importer

Importing Assets in Omniverse Create (Video)

This video shows how to use the Import and Convert Feature.

Importing files

Importing assets is done by right clicking in the Content Browser and selecting Import and Convert. Accepted File Formats for conversion are FBX, OBJ and and GLTF.


Selecting a file will trigger a dialogue giving options on the import function.





Checked will import materials and textures if available.


Checked will import skeletons and animation clips.


Checked will import cameras if present in the FBX.

Single USD

Checked will import to a singular USD file. Unchecked
will import each mesh within the FBX as a separate USD.
A complete USD will also be created referencing the parts.

Smooth Normals

Assigns/Reassigns Smoothing Groups

Preview Surface

Includes a simplified, internally stored surface within the USD.

Support Point Instancer

vectorized instancing of multiple, potentially animated, prototypes

Create Folder

Creates a folder with the given name and imports all assets within it.