Tree View

The Tree View shows a hierarchical view of the prims on the stage. You can click on a row to select the prim.


Ref #




Prim Name

This column shows the hierarchy of prim names.



This column lists the type for each prim.



This column lists the current visibility of each prim. Visibility can be toggle by clicking in this column.


Prim Legend Button

Opens the Prim Legend.


Prim Search Field

Search for a prim by name. Press Enter to search for the next matching prim.


Find Prim Button

Clicking on the button finds the next prim whose name matches the value from the Prim Search Field.


Navigation Menu

Contains menu items and shortcuts for selecting prims.


Show Menu

Contains options for what types of prims to show in the Tree View.

Prim Legend

The Prim Legend describes the meanings of the font colors and formatting used in the Tree View. This is very useful for an at a glance understanding the composition arcs and instancing on the stage.


Right Click Menu

In the Tree View, additional functionality can be found for the selected prim by right clicking and invoking the contextual right click menu.

Menu Item


Jump to Enclosing Model

Select the first ancestor prim with a Kind metadata value set.

Select Bound Preview Material

Select the Preview Material prim bound to the selected prim.

Select Bound Full Material

Select the Full Material prim bound to the selected prim.

Make Invisible

Set the selected prim’s visibility property to “invisible”.

Vis Only

Set the selected prim’s visibility property to “visible”. Make all other prims “invisible”.

Remove Session Visibility

Restore the selected prim’s visibility property value.


Load/Unload the payloads for the selected prim and all its descendants.


Activate/Deactivate the selected prim.

Copy Prim Path

Copy the selected prim’s path to the clipboard.

Copy Enclosing Model Path

Copy enclosing model’s prim path to the clipboard. A Model is a prim with a Kind metadata value set.

usdview asset

Open the selected asset in a new USDView instance.

Set As Active Camera

Set the selected prim as the active camera.