OpenUSD Guided Learning

NVIDIA has a variety of ways to continue learning about OpenUSD. We have quick and simple domain-specific tutorials, longer and more robust workflow lessons focusing on larger tasks, and finally full courses which cover project scopes from start to completion. No matter which way you like to learn we have you covered, explore below to see all the great ways you can continue learning about USD and how it can serve you.

Learning Paths

We offer courses and tutorials, which you could opt complete à la carte, however learning paths provide a succession of courses and tutorials with a specific goal in mind. By following these curated learning progressions, we strive to help you reach your goals.


Courses offer a more robust and complete workflow and are split up into multiple modules. The instruction typically comprises long form videos with sample content focused on specific, large goals.

Written Tutorials

Written tutorials are step-by-step projects that you can complete in 10-15 minutes. Each tutorial sets out to teach at least one new concept within the context of a hands-on project. Tutorials are great resources for learning a concept for the first time or as a quick reference when you want to apply the concept within your own projects.

Video Tutorials

Each video tutorial is a single module that provides oral and visual learning. You can just watch and learn or follow along for a more hands-on learning style.