Omniverse Data Collection & Usage FAQ

What data is being collected and how is it used?

Omniverse collects usage data when you install and start interacting with our software. The data we collect and how we use it are as follows:

  • Installation and configuration details such as version of your Operating System - This allows us to recognize usage patterns

  • Hardware Details such as CPU, GPU, and display resolution - This allows us to optimize settings to provide best-in-class performance

  • Network configuration (Network speed) - This allows us to optimize and improve your experience

  • Product session and feature usage - This allows us to understand user journey and product interaction to further enhance workflows

  • Error and crash logs - This allows us to improve performance & stability for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes of our software

For more details, please see the NVIDIA Privacy Policy:

How can I change my data collection settings? (Omniverse Launcher version 1.85 & greater.)

While data is necessary to provide services, you may opt out of data collection at any point in time. By default, we collect all usage and crash logs. To enable/disable data collection, follow these steps:

  1. Open Omniverse Launcher

  2. Click the user icon then Settings

  3. Click Data Collection

  4. Enable/Disable data collection based on your preference

  5. Click Save, then click Save again on the Setting dialog


How can I change my Email Communication Preferences?

Visit and click Manage My Email Preferences.

How can I request the data NVIDIA Omniverse has collected? (Omniverse Launcher version 1.85 & greater.)

Visit and click Request My Data. Follow the request process and you will receive an email with the data we’ve collected.

How can I request deletion of the data NVIDIA Omniverse has collected? (Omniverse Launcher version 1.85 & greater.)

Visit and click Delete My Data. NVIDIA services will delete all your data and send you a confirmation email upon completion.