System Requirements

DeepSearch does not require specific hardware or configuration - it’s primarily a CPU/RAM/disk-based workload.

Here’s what we recommend as the minimum baseline:

  • 12 cores

  • 32 GB of RAM

  • 200 Gb for a nucleus server with 1.4 Mil assets files (SSD suggested).


Most of the disk space is occupied by the Elastic Search / OpenSearch index.

If you don’t know how much disk space to allocate, start with 100 Gb and observe usage, adding disk space as required

In reality resource usage will highly depend on load.

Ultimately, we recommend monitoring the installation, and adding resources as required.

Please review the Elastic Search System requirements for configuration of the Elastic Search / OpenSearch cluster.


Installation of DeepSearch stack requires:

  • a working installation of Nucleus Enterprise Server

  • an instance of Elastic Search or OpenSearch service. Please refer to Search Backend Configuration for more information.


DeepSearch service stack is shipped in two ways as a helm chart and as a docker-compose stack to match the current shipment and distribution method of Nucleus Enterprise Server. Please refer to the following documentation for helm and docker-compose installation approaches respectively.


Release Notes

2022.2.2 (General Availability)

  • Released 07/30/2023

  • Vulnerability fixes based on security analysis

  • Compatibility fixes with Omniverse Farm

  • Components updates:

    • NGSearch 2.1.2

    • DeepSearch 2.1.2


  • Released 11/30/2022

  • Search service:

    • Observability and telemetry performance improvements

    • Search backend performance improvements (more than 2x speed-up)

    • Add connection retry delay to the storage client

  • Projection service:

    • Replaces previous integrated implementation

    • Performance and scalability improvement

  • Storage service:

    • Removed discovery registration

    • All services now connect to the Storage service directly

  • Cache service:

    • HTTP support for scalability improvement

    • Added health and readiness checks

    • Support for receiving data from Omniverse Farm agents (required Omniverse Farm Agent 103.5 and greater)

  • OpenSearch backend: rely on orjson serializer instead of default json serializer (~x3 speed-up in serialization time)

  • Bug fix: Return images for non-KNN queries (OM-72745)

  • Various dependency updates based on security analysis

  • Docker-compose deployment: Single deployment for DeepSearch and NGSearch

  • Helm chart deployment: initial release

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