DeepSearch Usage


DeepSearch is a set of services that allow Omniverse users to search 3D models and images stored within Nucleus using common and natural language, as well as other images.

The following instructions explain how to use DeepSearch from within Create, Nucleus Navigator, and the Omniverse Launcher.


You must be connected to a DeepSearch enabled Nucleus server to use these features. If you are unsure if DeepSearch is enabled within your environment, please contact your systems administrator.

Using DeepSearch

DeepSearch is available in several Omniverse apps, including Create, Nucleus and the Launcher. Note that in Create you must first enable it before you can use it.

Using DeepSearch In Create

Enable the DeepSearch extension

To enable and use DeepSearch in Create, follow these steps:

  1. In Composer, click Window > Extensions

  2. In the search field, replace the default text with “deepsearch”

  3. Within the general dropdown, find the DeepSearch Browser Extension and click INSTALL.

  4. Enable the Extension and click the AUTOLOAD checkbox.

  5. Once complete, close the window.

DeepSearch Extension Manager
  1. Click Window on the top toolbar again and select DeepSearch to activate the extension. The DeepSearch tab will then appear.

DeepSearch Tab

You can now engage DeepSearch two different ways:

Image as a search query

You also can search for an asset with an image. To do this, drag an image from your computer into the DeepSearch dropzone. Dropping an image will automatically engage DeepSearch. If results are found, they will appear.

The following Quick Filters can also be applied:




Displays all returned results (no filtering)


Filters and displays only USD models


Filters and displays images in common formats (.jpg, .png, etc.)


Filters and displays materials (MDL format, etc.)


Enter in the file extension within the custom field you wish to filter on

If an image that’s not exactly what you were looking for is returned, you can right-click it and choose Find Similar from the menu that appears. This may help narrowing down the search and showing you the perfect asset or image for your project.

DeepSearch Find Similar

Once you have found the perfect asset or image, simply drag and drop it directly into the viewport to add it to your scene.

DeepSearch Drag and Drop

Using DeepSearch in Nucleus Navigator

To use DeepSearch in Nucleus Navigator, follow these steps:

  1. When connected to a DeepSearch enabled Nucleus server, a camera and hamburger icon will appear within the search bar when the mouse pointer is placed within the field.

DeepSearch In Nucleus
  1. Clicking the hamburger icon will display a dialog window that will allow you to search for images using natural language.

DeepSearch Natural language

In this example, we are again looking for a black sportscar. Specify the item you are looking for in the AI Search field and click Search. If results are found, they will appear.

DeepSearch Results
  1. Alternatively, clicking the camera icon will display the below interface that will allow you to search for images using images. Drag an image from your computer into the dropzone and click Search By Image. If results are found, they will appear.

DeepSearch Image Query

Using DeepSearch in Omniverse Launcher

Using DeepSearch within the Omniverse Launcher borrows from the same experience as Nucleus Navigator as explained above.

DeepSearch in Omniverse Launcher