Release Notes


Release Date: August 2023


Merge Static Meshes

  • OM-89309: New Merge Results in report UI for easier debugging of merge operations.

Deduplicate Geometry

  • OM-89040: Deduplicate Geometry now considers primvars:normals when identifying equal Meshes.

Find Coinciding Meshes

  • OM-97344: World space tolerance argument in Find Coinciding Meshes.

Process Point Clouds

  • OM-80863: Process Point Clouds will now merge multiple point clouds before partitioning by default. This option is now available in the GUI and can be turned off if you wish to partition point clouds independently.

Prune Leaf Xforms

  • OM-56853: Prune Leaf Xforms operation can now be filtered by prim path.

Split Meshes

  • OM-91176: Split Meshes can use UsdGeom Subsets as an input to the splitting process.

Generate Projection UVs

  • OM-101282: Scale factor argument for UV Generation operation supported in JSON configs


  • OM-85075: Operation reporting is on by default for interactive execution


Merge Static Meshes

  • OM-92896: Crash in Merge Meshes when primvar value sizes did not match interpolation.

Deduplicate Geometry

  • OM-93018: Performance issues with Deduplicate Geometry have been improved.

Optimize Materials

  • OM-100956: Crashes when deduplicating Materials within Payloads have been fixed

Split Meshes

  • OM-92821: Split Meshes now retains metadata on split parts.

Generate Projection UVs

  • OM-97534: Divide by zero error in UV generation


  • OM-88653: Fixed crash when parsing incomplete JSON configs.

  • OM-91177: A potential crash during kit application shutdown has been addressed.

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