The format is based on Keep a Changelog.

1.9.8 - 2023-06-07


  • Increase scheduling robustness for nodes depending on multiple upstream prims (OM-61696)

  • Fix named outputs missing from payload


  • Compute GetPrims and GetPrimAtPath nodes on attribute change

  • Refactored projection material node functionality (OM-95568)

1.9.7 - 2023-06-01


  • Improve documentation

  • Fix incorrect occlusion values reported when a labelled asset has multiple unlabelled or semantically filtered child prims.

  • Fix issue where point instancer selects new prototypes as they’re pulled from cache

  • Fix AOV lifetime bug which resulted in incorrect frame data written to disk in certain circumstances (OM-95907)

  • Fix material binding in OgnMaterialSampler failing on first frame

  • Fix incorrect autograph connection when using OgnGetPrimAtPath

  • Fix issue correctly scheduling nodes with multiple ReplicatorItem connections

  • Fix scheduling issue when using Sdf Paths as attribute inputs (OM-61696)


  • Switch from bundle to target attribute type for all prim relationship node attributes

  • Remove warmup period (ie. preview frames) on first Replicator step (OM-96084)

  • Reset RNG on replicator initialize command rather than on start for better reliability

  • distribution.sequence and distribution.choice now support sampling from [Sdf.Path, Usd.Prim, ReplicatorItem] (OM-61696)


  • ReplicatorItem class provides additional methods: get_inputs, get_outputs, get_input_value, get_output_value and set_input_value which provides an easier way with which to retrieve and modify node values. (OM-94465)

  • Add get_registered_annotators to annotators module and AnnotatorRegistry class that exposes available annotators (OM-94465)

  • Add documentation to each default annotator, accessible through rep.annotators.get(<annotator_name>).docs (OM-94465)

  • Add convenience methods to ReplicatorItem class: get_prims, get_input, get_output, get_inputs, get_outputs, set_input (OM-94465, OM-62718)

  • Add OgnSampleChoicePrim and OgnSampleSequencePrim for sampling prims (OM-61696)

1.9.6 - 2023-05-15


  • Fix warp error when data array is empty.

  • instantiate with mode point_instancer no longer re-generates prototypes unnecessarily (OM-94390)

  • Fix issue with skeleton data output handling empty data (OM-83739)


  • Remove the pip dependencies to use omni.pip.compute extension.

1.9.5 - 2023-05-05


  • Fix “apply material” warnings

  • Fix crash printing from OmniGraph (OM-93494)

1.9.4 - 2023-05-02


  • Fix bug in cutmix augmentation node caused by using warp 0.8.2 on ETM (previously only tested 0.7.2). Updated code so works on both.


  • No longer specify exact warp version in extcache.kit

1.9.3 - 2023-05-01


  • Fix a bug in’s step function.

  • Fix bug in scatter2d where it used local vertex transform for offset normal computation as well as for pruning bounds. now it is global and both are fixed.

  • Fix bug in scatter3d where sometimes the triangle mesh extended over the newly partitioned voxel space.


  • Add 360 degree bounding box annotator (DRIVE-11803)

1.9.2 - 2023-04-26


  • Add annotator type to the basic writer so augmented rgb images could be saved (OM-89827)

  • Add Replicator MDLs and register them in material preferences (OM-87755)

  • Add projection material to objects and update via proxy prims (OM-88170)

  • Can now specify additional prims to scatter nodes that contain meshes to prevent collisions with (OM-89697, OM-76055)

  • Add 8 tests for no_coll_prims feature for both variants of prim type (point instance/scene instance), collision true/false, and node type (2D/3D). (OM-89697, OM-76055)

  • Update voxelization method for Scatter3D node to cast voxels in global space to prevent double sampling up upon overlap - preventing is default but the user can switch it off (OM-90830)

  • Add test for Scatter3D to confirm that there is no doubling up upon overlap (OM-90830)

  • Add a feature for specifying volume exclusion based on prims in (Scatter3D only) - volume_excl_prims. This is more sample efficient but less accurate. (OM-90948, OM-76055)

  • Add test for volume_excl_prims feature. (OM-90948, OM-76055)

  • Add min and max sampling extents for scatter nodes implemented with rejection sampling (OM-85756 and OM-85757)

  • Add efficient pruning of triangle meshes based (Scatter2D) and efficient pruning of voxel grids (Scatter3D) for sample extents. Does so conservatively and rejection sampling cleans up the rest (OM-85756 and OM-85757)

  • Add tests for min and max sampling extents in scatter nodes (OM-85756 and OM-85757)

  • Add S3 backend to KITTI writer (OM-90092)


  • Remove OgnGroup node since it is replaced by omni.graph.nodes.ReadPrimsBundle.


  • Experimental replicator data augmentation nodes had random numpy seed set improperly (OM-89827)

  • Some instances of create.from_usd resulted in transform not being set properly, cleared xoporder to fix bug (OM-89583)

  • Fix get.prims and get.prim_at_path’s nodes are not scheduled properly. (OM-92211)

1.9.1 - 2023-04-21

  • DriveSim only release

1.9.0 - 2023-04-12


  • Add function to create MDL graphs from JSON (OM-79358)

  • Add orchestrator.register_status_callback to allow registering callbacks on orchestrator status changed (OM-77512)


  • Migrate to Kit 105.0 (OM-89289)

  • Changed swhFrameNumber to use simTimeNumerator and simTimeDenominator (OM-89289)


  • Fix incorrect KITTI semantic segmentation directory name.

  • Improve KITTI writer to better match spec.

1.8.1 - 2023-03-24


  • rep.randomizer.materials can now take a list of materials created by Replicator (OM-79560)

1.8.0 - 2023-03-22


  • Add path_match to get.prims() for faster string matching

  • Add OgnWriter output of all named node attributes through data["named_outputs"] (OM-82915)

  • Add support for OnFrame trigger through data["trigger_outputs"] (OM-82915)

  • Capability in to register warp kernels as nodes that have input 1D and 2D arrays (besides just 3D) (OM-90135)

  • 9 ogn/py data augmentation nodes flagged “Exp” for experimental - we will move these to less cumbersom functions later (OM-90135)

  • 7 data augmentation nodes implemented as warp kernels in (OM-90135)

  • file that has warp utility functions in it - currently for importing filler images for augmentation nodes and zooming to size (OM-90135)

  • Tests for all data augmentation nodes. Tests check if image data can be passed to and output from the nodes. (OM-90135)

  • A few images used in data augmentation tests (OM-90135)

  • Add write_exr to and corresponding backends. (OM-84024)


  • Fix bug forcing getting children of Xforms when sampling materials (OM-83611)

1.7.12 - 2023-03-08


  • Fix PathTracing sample accumulation bug when CaptureOnPlay is turned on

1.7.11 - 2023-03-07


  • Ensure annotator attributes remain on session layer (OM-85212)

  • Correctly catch /omni/replicator/captureOnPlay setting on startup (OM-85259)

1.7.10 - 2023-03-07


  • Fix incorrect KITTI semantic segmentation directory name

1.7.9 - 2023-03-06


  • Change KITTI writer to output semantic segmentation consistent with spec: 8-bit image containing per-pixel semantic ID

  • Change KITTI writer to offer use_kitti_dir_names option to use standard KITTI directory naming structure

  • Disable Replicator when timeline playing by default (OM-77526)

  • Replicator capture controlled by timeline controls when set to capture_on_play (OM-77526)

1.7.8 - 2023-02-28


  • Fix replicator bug when using Movie Capture together with a playing timeline (OM-83863)

1.7.7 - 2023-02-27


  • Fix KittiWriter’s instance segmentation output format to align with KITTI specs

  • Fix KittiWriter sky labelling

  • Fix skeleton data errors when no semantically labelled skeleton is in the scene (OM-83739)

  • Fix skeleton data output to have correct data shape for translations and rotations


  • Handle spaces in semantic values (spaces in semantic types remain disallowed)

  • Change backend write threads setting to "/omni/replicator/backend/writeThreads" (OM-77793)

  • Allow control of maximum backend queue size with "/omni/replicator/backend/queueSize" (OM-77793)

  • Orchestrator status will now only read STOPPED when all rendering and writing has completed (OM-82465)

1.7.6 - 2023-02-16


  • Fix pointcloud annotator outputting incorrect data when one unlabelled prim and one labelled prim are in the scene. (OM-81230)

  • Fix contactOffset and collisionOffset increases as the MetersPerUnit of the scene increases. (OM-73794)

  • Fix issue preventing RGB from writing data with skeleton_data enabled and no skeletons in stage. (OM-75395)

  • Address error raised when modifying pose of a prim containing a transform or orient xformOp/ (OM-81273)


  • Add includeUnlabelled attribute to pointcloud annotator to allow user to capture unlabelled prims. (OM-81230)

  • Add modify.material functionality (OM-79552)

1.7.5 - 2023-02-13


  • Fix issue preventing detaching node writers (OM-80503)


  • Changed skeleton_data output from single output JSON (deprecated) to individual outputs. (OM-77982)

1.7.4 - 2023-02-09


  • Fix node execution scheduling when depending on OgnSamplePopulation (instance) node (OM-61629)

  • Ensure distribution.sequence node is reset on replicator start (OM-79831)

  • Fix CUDA error crash when running the example in Custom Writer Tutorial.

  • Remove dependency on omni.kit.widget.viewport when using Viewport 2.0

  • Fix error creating render products when /Render prim doesn’t exist

  • Fix node execution scheduling when a node is depending on the upstream node by attribute.

1.7.3 - 2023-02-06


  • Fix _add_auto_sync_gate where it doesn’t apply recursively to all upstream nodes before. (OM-80757)

  • Ensure visualizers are always available (OM-78426)

  • Fix on_final_frame being fired before all data is written (OM-80252)


  • Add modify.animation functionality (OM-80095)

  • Add get.skelanimation

  • Add get.skeleton

  • Add wait_until_complete and wait_until_complete_async functions (OM-79660)

1.7.2 - 2023-02-01


  • Add fisheyeKannalaBrandtK3 and fisheyeRadTanThinPrism as new camera types. (OM-74691)

  • Add support for per axis randomization of position and rotation. (OM-62719)

  • Add an argument to to optionally start the timeline (OM-80096)


  • Fix joint projection when using pinhole camera (OM-77757)

  • Fix setting the correct resolved type of physics.colliders. (OM-76074)

  • Pass num_frames argument in run_async function. (OM-79750)

1.7.1 - 2023-01-19


  • Fix orchestrator hang when scene FPS is set to 0.0 (OM-77223)

  • Fix orchestrator stepping time when timeline is not playing

  • Fix orchestrator double step through timeline in certain setups (OM-77526)

1.7.0 - 2023-01-17


  • Fix occlusionRatio data in bounding_box annotator. (OM-77094)

  • Fix bug that broke collision checking in scatter2d

  • Fix index of geomsubset in test_geomsubset to reflect ordering in Kit 104.2+release.30.e51bf939

  • Fix nodes handling uninitialized state better. (OM-73680)

  • Fix checking inputs:numSamples attribute exists before accessing it. (OM-73680)


  • Add async versions of common functions: run_async, stop_async, preview_async, writer.attach_async (OM-73566)

  • Add fast collision method for point instances in scatter2d and scatter3d nodes

  • Add option of using skelJoints after retargetting for skeleton joints info (OM-72731)

  • Add num_frames argument to to specify maximum number of frames to capture (OM-73565)

1.6.4 - 2022-12-14


  • Fix distribution.combine where input is a numerical value (OM-76074).

  • Fix physics properties failing to be set to a static value for more than one prim

  • Fix error when detaching a writer that contains an annotator defined as a NodeConnectionTemplate


  • Re-use render products created under with rep.new_layer() on script re-run (OM-52410)

  • Added argument to orchestrator.step to let user specify if it should pause timeline

1.6.3 - 2022-12-13


  • Fix an issue where cached assets would be added under the same parent Xform (OM-52410)

1.6.2 - 2022-12-12


  • Add InstanceSegmentationLegacy and InstanceIdSegmentationLegacy nodes to keep backward compatibility.

  • Pause playing simulation during RT Subframe rendering

  • Disable FrameGate while simulation is playing (capture every frame)

  • Writer and gates now correctly authored in session layer

  • Auto connect execution attributes of augmentation nodes

  • Fix issues with reattaching writer (OM-65028)

  • Fixed point and scene instancer bugs – now they work for use with instantiate, scatter2d, and scatter3d. Scene instancers work with fast collision in scatter nodes.

  • Fix bug where node attribute __device may be applied twice

  • Fix omnigraph category warnings on startup


  • Add _unregister_status_callback to cleanly unregister callbacks


  • Instantiate cached assets no longer set to instanceable

1.6.1 - 2022-12-06


  • Fix bug in semantic segmentation annotator that could lead to a crash

  • Fix typo error that computes wrong bbox 2D area in

  • Fix contactOffset and restOffset when meters_per_unit is too small, resulting inaccurate physics behavior.

  • Fix uniform, log_uniform and normal distribution nodes to support save/reload functionality.

  • Fix bug when specifying render product indices during writer initialization that resulted in incorrect node connections


  • Add contact_offset and rest_offset as optional args to physics.collider and physics.rigid_body.

  • Add ability to use “cuda” device when getting an annotator

  • Add HdrColor annotator


  • Improve speed of collision checking for Scatter3D by 20X+

  • Improve performance when annotator data remains on the GPU

1.6.0 - 2022-11-21


  • Add a way to modify timeline by frame or time (OM-54198)

  • Add ReplicatorItem support for num_samples input in uniform, log_uniform and normal distribution nodes.

  • Add ordered arg to sequence distribution node to allow sample items with or without order.

  • Add numSamples output attribute to distribution nodes.

  • Add occlusion output along with the BoundingBoxAnnotator when labelled asset is composed of a single mesh.

  • Add Augmentation class, allowing custom augmentations to be applied to annotators


  • Fix issue whereby operations reused across triggers were reassigned rather than copied to the new trigger

  • Fix rep.randomizer.colors to correctly treat lists of colors as input

  • Fix function call in SkeletonData node causing Ill-Formed Sdf.Path warnings

  • Fix xformOpOrder enforcement in OgnWritePrimAttribute.

  • Fix check for visibility attribute before applying (OM-72567)

  • Fix function calls in SkeletonData node causing Ill-Formed Sdf.Path warnings (OM-67752)

  • Fix randomization with point instancers (OM-72137)

  • Fix distribution.combine’s num_samples when connect to a downstream node.

  • Fix OgnWritePhysics when passing a single static input value.

  • Fix get_type in OgnWritePrimAttribute to be align with Sdf’s API.

  • Fix population when path is a Sdf.Path.

  • Fix OgnSizeToScale when input prim list is empty.

  • Fix bug where annotators could be linked to additional render products when specifying render product indices (OM-75216)


  • Improve performance of Bounding Box Annotator node

  • Improve performance of instance id segmentation annotator

  • Improve performance of instance segmentation annotator

  • Provide additional output parameters to CameraParams annotator including focal length and aperture

  • Remove concept of a WriterTemplate class and replace with an expanded Writer class

1.5.3 - 2022-11-06


  • Add helper methods to replicator.get for different Usd types

  • Add ability to render N subframes to remove artifacts in RTX RealTime render mode (OM-70205)

  • Add support for list of Sdf.Path as input to choice distribution node (OM-61287)


  • Fix error in Semantic Segmentation annotator when scene is empty (OM-70189)

  • Fix broken input_prims parameters in modify operations (OM-67555)

  • Fix inconsistent look-at sequencing when combined with other operations (OM-67554, OM-61293)

  • Fix error in when count > 1 (OM-57265)

  • Fix issue with OgnSetPivot when setting the pivot on prims with origin non-centred. (OM-64820)

  • Fix skeleton annotations working again with fisheye_polynomial camera type (OM-67834)

  • Fix skeleton annotations match animated skeletons (OM-67834)

  • Fix getting attached writer/writers (OM-70733)


  • get.prims now takes flag for case-insensitivity in path matching

  • Add flag for case-insensitivity in get.prims path matching

  • Add ‘name’ argument to rep.create methods

  • randomizer.instantiate changed to utilize distribution.choice node for default sampler

  • Better skeleton “in_view” check (OM-67834)

1.5.2 - 2022-10-17


  • Catch exception in skeleton joint 2D translations when view matrix is zero

1.5.1 - 2022-10-11


  • Allow custom endpoint URLs for S3 backend

1.5.0 - 2022-10-11


  • Compatibility with Kit 104+

  • Documentation for missing module members

  • Add get.prim_at_path function


  • Disable semantic inheritance by default in bounding box annotators

  • Removed compatibility with Kit < 104.0


  • Fix bounding box 3D annotator definition when running with Kit 104

  • Fix issue with colliding path names for writer SyncGate when running with multiple writers

  • Filter out invalid 3D bounding boxes within annotator

  • Fix look_at when the look_at axis isalign with up_axis of the stage.

1.4.7 - 2022-09-08


  • Fix incorrect skeleton joint image-space projections

  • Fix crash occurring on stage close - OM-62083

1.4.6 - 2022-09-07


  • Backend dispatcher now supports for writing data to AWS S3 buckets

  • BasicWriter can now be configured to write to AWS S3 buckets

1.4.5 - 2022-09-06


  • Fix cam_local_to_world in Previous behaviour used the inverse transform which resulted in incorrect point projections.

1.4.4 - 2022-08-30


  • look_at can now take choice and sequence distributions as input.

  • KittiWriter supports semantic segmentation and instance segmentation

  • Use HydraTextures when creating render products when available

1.4.3 - 2022-08-18


  • Default camera rotation on Z-up scenes modified to use more intuitive rotations - OM-60423

1.4.2 - 2022-08-17


  • Remove use of deprecated og.ContextHelper module


  • Automatic camera rotation in z-up scenes moved to parent xform to avoid issues with look-at - OM-59090

1.4.1 - 2022-08-17


  • Support for internal reference of instantiate


  • Fix bug causing incorrect node connections when using instantiate

  • Fix instance segmentation where the prim has invalid id

  • Fix error randomizer.instantiate where path and size are both replicator item

1.4.0 - 2022-08-17


  • Add support for attaching multiple product renders to a writer

  • Add multi-render-product support for BasicWriter and KittiWriter

  • Add get_data() function to annotators

  • Add texture scale and rotate for randomizer.texture.

  • Add support for combining different distribution nodes.

  • Add Node that converts object’s size to scale.

  • Add xform as parent of new prims for easier modification with pivot.

  • Add function that allow users to modify the translation, rotation and scale pivot of a prim.

  • Add Node that converts object’s desired size to scale op.

  • Add camera relative positioning for prims.

  • Automatically arrange in sequence nodes of the same type under the same trigger referring to a common prim group

  • Add create stereo camera pair

  • Add a sequential sampling node

  • Add pointcloud annotator that generates pointcloud for the given scene.

  • Add log uniform distribution

  • Add parsed instance segmentation annotator.

  • Add up_axis support in’s look_at function.

  • Add support for size to be a ReplicatorItem in randomizer.instantiate.

  • Add support for internal reference in randomizer.instantiate.

  • rep.modify.attribute can now support static values


  • cameraParams annotator types that were transform[4] changed to matrixd[4] due to deprecation

  • Distribution nodes no longer output a bundle.

  • Changed modify.attribute to modify the child prim of the Xform

  • instance_segmentation annotator now outputs “parsed” instances. Original behaviour moved to instance_id_segmentation annotator.

  • distribution.choice node can now takes a ReplicatorItem to num_samples.

  • BasicWriter now supports sequence naming when using an on_time trigger.


  • randomizer.instantiate now takes ReplicatorItem as input.

  • skeleton annotator data now follows standard directory formatting in basicwriter.

  • Fix modify.attribute with empty attribute_type.

  • Fix OgnWritePrimAtrribute which it fails to handle list of strings

  • Fix create.light where it fails to handle texture.

  • Fix resolved type for distribution nodes.

  • Fix distribution.choice where it will error out when input is a mix of int and float.

  • randomizer.materials now can take a choice distribution node as input.

  • Fix size attribute to maintain asset aspect ratio.

1.3.2 - 2022-07-08


  • Split debug and release package for omni.replicator.core

1.3.1 - 2022-07-06


  • Address compatibility issues with older writers missing backend

  • Ensure new viewports are in focus in OV Code UI

  • Fix compatibility issues with stop/run toggles in Omniverse Code

1.3.0 - 2022-06-30


  • Add skeleton annotator nodes (OgnGetSkeletonPrims and OgnGetSkeletonData)

  • Add support for C++ nodes in replicator

1.2.4 - 2022-06-28


  • Fix incorrect bbox_tight and bbox_loose indexing in

  • Fixed semanic segmentation and bounding box where there is no semantic entities in the viewport.

  • Fixed instance segmentation when there is no instances in the viewport.

  • Fix bounding box to support Kit 104.0

1.2.3 - 2022-06-15


  • Publish platform specific versions of the extension

1.2.2 - 2022-06-08


  • Fix incorrect trigger.on_time() behaviour causing intervals to effectively increase with each execution.

1.2.1 - 2022-06-07


  • Use pre-bundled pip packages

1.2.0 - 2022-06-02


  • Fix semantic and instance segmentation error when colorize is set to False

  • Fix issue preventing writing data after re-running a script using rep.new_layer


  • Add primPaths and bboxIds to bounding box 2D/3D output

  • Add colorize option to basicwriter segmentation output


  • Remove “UNLABELLED” label from instance segmentation mapping output

  • image_output_format only affects RGB image output

1.2.0-drivesim - 2022-06-01


  • Fix semantic and instance segmentation error when colorize is set to False


  • Add primPaths and bboxIds to bounding box 2D/3D output

  • Add colorize option to basicwriter segmentation output


  • Remove “UNLABELLED” label from instance segmentation mapping output

  • image_output_format only affects RGB image output

1.1.1 - 2022-05-30


  • Fix incorrect semantic labels in bbox incorrectly reporting “UNLABELLED” in certain circumstances

1.1.0 - 2022-05-27


  • Revert choice distribution default behaviour to with_replacements=True

  • Allow for multiple tokens of the same class

  • Semantic Segmentation mapping now labels unlabelled pixels from “UNLABELLED: ” to “class: UNLABELLED”

  • Semantic Segmentation no longer duplicates ids/colors for a given semantic mapping


  • Improve configuration capabilities in KITTI writer defaults

  • Added option to set root directory for relative paths passed to disk backend.


  • Allow setting up get.prims() with a single tuple for semantics and semantics_exclusion

1.1.0-drivesim - 2022-05-20


  • Revert choice distribution default behaviour to with_replacements=True

  • Allow for multiple tokens of the same class

  • Semantic Segmentation mapping now labels unlabelled pixels from “UNLABELLED: ” to “class: UNLABELLED”


  • Improve configuration capabilities in KITTI writer defaults

1.0.1 - 2022-05-20


  • Fix bug in semantic segmentation annotator returning incorrect labels

1.0.0 - 2022-05-18


  • Fix camera params annotator

  • Fix viewport hiding when setting camera to Perspective camera

  • Reset timeline when on_time trigger fires


  • Add project_uvw option to texture randomizer

  • Improve performance of segmentation annotators

  • Add camera name to KITTI writer output path for multi-camera rigs

0.0.11-isaac - 2022-05-17

  • Add project_uvw option to texture randomizer

  • Fix orchestrator for DriveSim

0.0.11-drivesim - 2022-05-18

  • Fix orchestrator for DriveSim

  • Add camera name to output to writer

  • Improve KITTI writer

0.0.11 - 2022-05-03

  • Clean up dispatcher logging

  • Fix on-time trigger

  • Fix bounding box output format

0.0.10 - 2022-04-25

  • Rename omni.replicator to omni.replicator.core

  • Update README

  • Fix semantic segmentation bug

0.0.9 - 2022-04-25

  • Update Kit

  • Fix headless operation within OV Code

  • Support autonode exec label mapping

0.0.8 - 2022-04-13

  • Update Kit

  • Increase recursive speed of get_usd_files

  • Add exit on complete

  • Add mdl input support to materials randomizer

0.0.7 - 2022-04-07

  • Ensure correct number of frames are produced

  • Ensure first frame has been randomized

  • Minimize cases where materials are not loaded, including dome light textures

0.0.6 - 2022-04-07

  • OmniPBR fix

  • Collider fix

0.0.5 - 2022-04-07

  • Fix shutdown error

0.0.4 - 2022-04-07

  • BasicWriter added

  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements

0.0.3 - 2022-04-01


  • Physics tests


  • Documentation

  • “Look At” fix


  • Tests that fail (temporarily)