Tutorial - Building OmniGraph Outside Kit

Every effort was made to make OmniGraph just work when you build using the Kit SDK, however there is still one piece of configuration that must be done manually.

As the initial implementation of Kit does not use C++20, a helper package was installed to enable some advanced features that the OGN generated code requires. To pick this package up you only have to add it to the filter in your deps/target-deps.packman.xml file where Kit is referenced.

<!-- Import Kit SDk target-deps xml file to steal some deps from it: -->
<import path="../_build/kit_release/deps/target-deps.packman.xml">
  <filter include="pybind11" />
  <filter include="fmt" />
  <filter include="gsl" />

That’s all that is required to allow any extension in your build to access the .ogn file processing. In order to convert a specific extension to handle .ogn files see the more detailed document on Tutorial - OmniGraph Build Environment Conversion.