This document records all notable changes to extension. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning <>_.

[1.0.10] - 2021-11-19

  • Added option on ImportUsdPrim to include local bounding box of imported prims as a common attribute.

  • Fixed case where Import is not re-computed when a transform is needed and an ancestor prim’s transform has changed.

[1.0.9] - 2021-11-10

  • Added option on ExportUSDPrim node type to remove, from output prims, any authored attributes that aren’t being exported

[1.0.8] - 2021-10-22

  • Should be identical to 1.0.7, but incrementing the version number just in case, for logistical reasons

[1.0.7] - 2021-10-14

  • Added option to export time sampled data to specified time in ExportUSDPrim node type

[1.0.6] - 2021-10-05

  • Fixed re-importing of transforming attributes in ImportUSDPrim node type when transforms change

[1.0.5] - 2021-09-24

  • Added attribute-level change tracking to ImportUSDPrim node type

[1.0.4] - 2021-09-16

  • Added “Attributes to Import” and “Attributes to Export” to corresponding nodes to reduce confusion about how to import/export a subset of attributes

  • Added support for importing/exporting “widths” interpolation from USD

[1.0.3] - 2021-08-18

  • Updated for an ABI break in Kit

[1.0.2] - 2021-08-17

  • Fixed crash related to ImportUSDPrim node type and breaking change in Kit from eTransform being deprecated in favour of eMatrix

[1.0.1] - 2021-08-13

  • Fixed crash related to ImportUSDPrim node type

[1.0.0] - 2021-07-27


  • Initial version. Added ImportUSDPrim, ExportUSDPrim, TransformBundle, and BundleToUSDA node types.