The Launcher Clean-Up Tool will put the Omniverse Launcher back into a clean slate as if it was just installed and run for the first time. It removes all installed applications, connectors, file utilities, and collaboration tools.

Project Data

Your Nucleus Project Data does NOT get removed by default, but the tool does provide the option.

WARNING: Removing Project Data is permanent! There is no way to get it back. Use this optional feature with extreme caution and make sure you backup the data first or are prepared to lose all project data on your Nucleus.

Get the Cleanup Tool

A cleanup tool is provided for both Windows and Linux Platforms. Select one of the links below to begin download. Unzip and run once downloaded.

Windows Download

Linux Download


Once the archive is extracted, double click “launcher-cleanup.exe” to begin the process.


The tool will scan your system and present you with a list of everything that has been installed by the Launcher. Hit Y and Enter to continue.


The next screen will prompt you to confirm that you do want to keep your data. Enter Y and press Enter to keep all of your data. To delete your data, you will need to enter N and then press Enter.


At this point the cleanup tool will attempt to run through all of the uninstall steps for each application, then it will remove the entire Library folder, all log files, and all Launcher configuration files. Some applications may be corrupt, and their uninstall scripts may not remove everything. For instance, if you have installed the Maya Connector it may have installed itself into Maya. If the uninstaller script is corrupted, it will fail to remove Maya Connector from Maya. Once the tool is finished you can try to reinstall the Maya Connector and then uninstall it and it should be gone now.


The Launcher should now be in the same state that it was when you first installed it.