Nucleus Distributions

Nucleus Workstation (Desktop)

This distribution contains the most essential services to check out Nucleus.

It supports both Linux and Windows.

It supports all essential features of NVIDIA Omniverse™ Nucleus, and can be connected to by regular Omniverse Client applications, however, this distribution is missing typical “infrastructure” aspects like:

  • Caching: Files served by Omniverse Nucleus Workstation setups can not be cached by their clients’ Caches

  • Optimal data transfer mechanisms: HTTP, multithreading, and similar optimizations are not possible with Workstation setups

  • Advanced authentication features, like Single Sign On, when shipped, will not be available. Only the most basic login/password based auth with internal to this instance accounts will ever be supported

Nucleus Docker Stack

This is one version of a production-grade setup we ship. It includes all services we have, and supports all features available. This is the setup we run in production ourselves.

Currently, Docker setups are available as Docker Compose stacks, and we do plan to create Kubernetes artifacts in the future.