1.4.3 - RC

  • Updated PIL library to 8.3.1

  • Updated docker library to 5.0.2


  • Removed ACL copy from original image to generated thumbnail.


  • Removed memory limit checks. Capping the data does not work for larger TIFFs.

  • Added more prometheus counters: create thumbs with and without cache, image download time, load time for hdr files.

  • Added auto-reconnect back.

  • Added config variables for thumbnail cache location and connection retry timeout.

  • Updated the image library Pillow to version 8.2.0.

  • Updated the websockets library to version 9.1

  • Switched to discovering Nucleus as well and enabled path based routing.

  • Updated discovery client to 1.3.0.

  • Updated Python version to 3.8.7.

  • Updated the psutil library to version 5.8.0

  • Disabled ping interval of websockets used in OmniClientTransport.

  • Added task queue to not block the list subscription when possible. Not multi-threaded, just asyncio.


  • Store generated thumbs with .auto.png extension.

  • Updated the image library Pillow to version 8.1.2.

  • Thumbnail cache per file hash in /.system/thumbnailer/.thumbs/[hash]/[resolution]/thumb.png

  • Auto restart on error is only happening for the workstation builds (service runs as subprocess).

  • Upgraded aiohttp to 3.7.4.

  • Updated discovery client to 1.2

  • Updated IDL packages to 0.6

  • Switched to generated python nucleus connection 11.6 (Nucleus 110.3).

    • Supports now file copy and rename events.

  • Using LFT for downloading and uploading files.


  • Updated omni-config-py with bugfixes for paths on Windows.

  • Updated omniverse.discovery.client.py with detailed error logs.


  • Updated the image library Pillow to version 8.0.1.

  • Switched to connection::create(overwrite=True) for writing thumbnails instead of connection::put() which depends on an additional list command.

  • Added all dependencies to the pip requirements.txt files.

  • Added EULA to docker image startup.

  • Updated omniverse connection 10.7 (Nucleus 109.7)

  • Updated discovery client to 1.0.4-main.

  • Updated auth client to 1.0.3-main.

  • Updated IDL packages to stay compatible with latest auth and discovery service.

  • Refactored build, test and packaging pipelines

  • Removed unused connection channel to request and monitor thumbnail creation.

  • Switched to omniverse base docker image.

  • Switched to new location for log file output.


  • Limit ThreadPoolExecutor to 4 worker threads.

  • Update auth and discovery client from dev to master versions.

  • Updated IDL packages to fix connection handle leak.

  • Updated OV Connection to latest Nucleus 109.3 version, fixes transfer and threading issues.


  • Updated the connection library to 10.7

  • Updated thumbnail service to use discovery service and auth service for authentication.

  • renamed exe to omni-thumbnails-service

  • renamed log file to thumbnails_service.log

  • added support for the Radiance HDR picture format (.hdr files)


  • Improved shutdown speed on signal SIGTERM.

  • Updated the connection library to 9.10


  • Updated the connection library to 9.1

  • Few updates for Prometheus metrics


  • Added this file

  • Docker hookups cleaned up