• Fixed text overflow issue for long paths in the UI

  • Reset registered ports if they can’t be read correctly

  • Moved “Launch System Monitor on system startup” feature to Launcher


  • Support refresh tokens from Nucleus Auth

  • Register System Monitor in Nucleus Discovery

  • Fixed an error in System Monitor configuration where the legacy path didn’t exist


  • Changed how System Monitor find and control services on Linux - use psutil and omni-config-py instead of system.d, the same way as it works on Windows.

  • Write omniconfig values to the legacy path to provide smoother migration to omni-config-py@2.0


  • Allow configuring service ports.

  • Use the new version of Cache API – the service has been updated to the latest IDL libraries.

  • Fixed refreshing the disk info when the cache status is shown.


  • Fixed paths to the cache database and service logs.

  • Added a single instance check for System Monitor.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed the path where System Monitor looks for installed applications. The new path is provided by omni-config-py@2.0.0.


  • Fixed security issues in JavaScript code.


  • Added Linux support for controlling services and viewing logs from System Monitor.

  • Implemented new web UI to start and stop Omniverse services.

  • Implemented new web UI to control cache (Windows only).

  • Added web page to control Nucleus connections (Windows only). This allows to see which users are connected to which servers in Omniverse applications like Kit or Drive.

  • Added new web page to see and download service logs.