• Hide hidden files and folders from the content browser

  • Fixed issues with displaying Unicode in the web UI

  • Fixed an issue where the path view got automatically scrolled to the top on any server update

  • Expand notification message on click to let view and copy large file path

  • Updated idl.py to 0.7

  • Updated discovery libraries to use parallel connections for speeding up the routing


  • Support checkpoints - allows creating file backups on upload, copy and rename

  • Support path-based routing and secure transport

  • Allow system administrators to create new folders at root

  • Fixed text overflow issue for error messages

  • Fixed an issue where users could revoke their own path permissions

  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails were not updated automatically

  • Changed the text in path permissions component to make it more obvious that it’s clickable

  • Fixed an issue where the web server did not download subfolders of the mounted content


  • Support HTTP_PROXY environment variable to enable HTTP proxy for downloading from remote resources

  • Fixed Docker build trying to initialize workstation ports

  • Enable thumbnails for mounted files


  • Fixed closing a file upload window after log out

  • Show autogenerated thumbnails from the DeepTag service

  • Updated default thumbnails for USD, MDL, scripts and texture files

  • Updated lock icons in the content tree

  • Case-insensitive sorting for files and folders in the content browser

  • Added an icon to the toolbar that shows user uploads in the current session

  • Enable CORS requests for localhost on workstation


  • Allow configuring used ports via System Monitor

  • Use Artifactory for PIP and NPM


  • Updated dependencies to fix security vulnerabilities

  • Include FontAwesome and Open Sans font licenses

  • Added teapot thumbnail for .usdc files

  • Fixed uploading empty files and folders

  • Optimized upload speed using batching and file stat

  • Fixed closing a folder automatically when received an event from the server

  • Increased the chunk size for LFT

  • Removed the body limit for uploading files


  • Add licenses to Docker image

  • Show Date created in path info panel

  • Show upload error details in the notification

  • Fixed nginx buffering the upload request before it’s transmitted to the web server


  • Updated NSIS installer header text and title


  • Fixed security issues in JavaScript code

  • Updated IDL packages to fix connection issues


  • Fixed the tagging service error displayed when users work in the simple view

  • Disabled asset converter UI by default


  • Updated installer tools and CI/CD scripts


  • Added retry to file uploads

  • Fixed opening folders and files with breadcrumbs

  • Updated endpoints in nginx configuration


  • Support changing passwords of system accounts.

  • Introduced a deployment option GUNICORN_WORKERS to control the gunicorn worker count.

  • Added option to navigate to a searched file or folder from context menu.



  • Implemented new login form that uses the authentication service. New login form provides the registration UI and supports NVIDIA SSO authentication.

  • Added a new user management section that allows administrators to control groups and user accounts. An administrator can grant or revoke admin access, reset passwords, invite users and disable user accounts.

  • Implemented new UI for tagging files and searching by tags. Users can edit file tags using the simple or advanced mode. The simple mode provides a basic UI to add and remove tags. The advanced mode allows to specify a tag namespace and value and displays all system tags for files. The added tags can be found using the search bar.

  • Introduced the refresh token authentication. This allows the web client to update authentication sessions automatically and require to re-enter credentials less frequently.

  • Added a page for welcoming new Omniverse users after the web client installation.

  • Redesigned the form for restoring snapshots – added a path browser and recovery type choice.

  • Thumbnail size increased to 256x256px.

  • Allow to drag files and folders to the breadcrumbs.

  • Updated the communication between the web client and services to use the latest IDL tools and the discovery service.

  • Removed the tool section from the Web UI.

  • Added gitlab-ci automation file for building, testing, and uploading web container image.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that required users to manually refresh the browser cache, if new application version is available.

  • Fixed closing file transfer sessions after upload.

  • Fixed various menu and autocomplete issues in Edge.

  • Log out user from all browser tabs simultaneously. This underlines that the web client can be used only with one authentication at the time.

  • Fixed a bug with downloading a folder with omni-objects and channels.

  • Fixed premature download close call when using LFT.

  • Added message about unsupported Internet Explorer.


  • Added a fix for new serialization in 108.0 Nucleus server.



  • Mounts - allow users to attach local server folders and Amazon S3 buckets to Omniverse and then download or copy files and folders from a mount. New mounts can be created by omniverse user. Declare SUPPORTS_MOUNTS environment variable to enable this feature.

  • Added the dark mode. You can enable it near the search input in the setting menu.

  • Auto-update the path tree when a folder is created or deleted in any opened directory.

  • Updated the asset converter options – can now generate smooth materials, ignore cameras, export preview surface and support pointer instancer.

Bug fixes

  • Dates are correctly converted to user’s local time now.

  • Fixed issues with subscription reconnection in the browser.

  • Fixed a bug where the application doesn’t redirect users to login page if their token is expired.

  • Fixed invalid search results were shown when the user clicked on folders too fast.

  • Fixed the asset converter service doesn’t respond on web client commands.

  • Fixed a bug where non-admin users received DENIED error when tried to fill username in permission tab.

  • Fixed streaming issue that raised ALREADY_EXISTS for hidden files.

  • Disabled drag-and-drop for read-only folders.

  • Removed “Create new folder” icon for read-only folders.

  • Fixed incorrect selection reset when the selection box is used.

  • Fixed tool section menu and panel rendering.

  • Fixed Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V don’t work on any keyboard layout different from English.

  • Optimized path tree performance.



  • Replaced web subscription service with subscriptions from the browser with WebSockets. The web client now uses Omniverse JavaScript list subscription and messaging API to get service notifications. The web server is still used for other Omniverse API like copy, download/upload, ACLs, service RPC and etc.

  • New user management UI for managing groups and users. Currently enabled only for omniverse user. Declare SUPPORTS_USER_MANAGEMENT env var to enable this feature.

  • Added a new dialog and context menu option for converting FBX and OBJ files to USD. Declare SUPPORTS_ASSET_CONVERTER env var to enable this feature.

  • Added default thumbnail for USDA files.

  • Showing spinner in the main view when loading search results.

  • Optimized web subscription messages with buffering, significantly improved performance for multiple delete.

  • Close path uploading popup if last row is removed.

  • Changed connection library version to 9.1.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed alignment for path tree component on small width.

  • Fixed invalid redirect link given when token expired.

  • Fixed some issues with zip64 header encoding that could lead to CRC errors.

  • Fixed a bug when search results weren’t shown.

  • Added a redirect from broken URLs in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Deleted paths are now removed from the path selection.

  • Fixed unintentional application re-renderings on changing current path.

  • Fixed a bug where snapshot notification were shown twice.


  • Allowed to toggle the search input visibility with SUPPORTS_SEARCH environment variable.

  • Allowed to hide the snapshot UI with SUPPORTS_SNAPSHOTS environment variable.