• Support secure transport and path-based routing

  • Deprecated @omniverse/web-components library

  • Fixed text alignment on Linux for buttons displayed in the authentication form

  • Changed SAML implementation to read usernames from subject

  • Support specifying NameID format for SAML authentication

  • Authentication status page now detects errors when sending results back to the application that initiates the authentication

  • Fixed vulnerability that allowed to download any file from the deployed container


  • Internal build infrastructure changes

  • Linux fix for the client library


  • Use idl.cpp 0.14 for C/C++ libraries


  • Allow configuring used ports via System Monitor

  • Allow using dots and dashes to register internal accounts


  • Use Artifactory for PIP and NPM

  • Updated omni_config_py library to store data files in a new Omniverse location


  • Updated idl.cpp to 0.13

  • Added PIP and NPM licenses to Docker images

  • Fixed security vulnerabilities in JavaScript packages

  • Removed UAC for Windows


  • Allowed to update system accounts.


  • Introduced the authentication service. The service implements different types of authentication like LDAP, SSO, plain credentials and etc. and provides JSON Web Token (JWT) that can be used in other services to authenticate a user.