Get the Child of a Prim

An example of hierarchy and traversal within a smaller scope is getting the child of a prim. These snippets show how to get a single child by name or how to iterate through all of the children of a prim.


If you know the name of the child prim, you can use Usd.Prim.GetChild(). This returns an invalid prim if the child doesn’t exist. You can check if the returned prim exists.

from pxr import Usd

child_prim: Usd.Prim = parent_prim.GetChild("MyChildPrim")

Another option is to iterate through all of the prim’s children to operate on all the children or query them to find the child you are looking for.

from pxr import Usd, UsdGeom

def get_first_child_mesh(parent_prim: Usd.Prim) -> Usd.Prim:
    # Iterates only active, loaded, defined, non-abstract children
    for child_prim in parent_prim.GetChildren():
        if child_prim.IsA(UsdGeom.Mesh):
            return child_prim

def print_all_children_names(parent_prim: Usd.Prim):
    # Iterates over all children
    for child_prim in parent_prim.GetAllChildren():