Build Apps

With Omniverse, you can build custom 3D Applications to suit you or your organization’s needs. They do not necessarily require any code and are built by packaging a set of Extensions together. NVIDIA develops and maintains a suite of custom Omniverse Applications to show what is possible.

On a technical level, an Omniverse App is essentially a configuration .kit file that tells the Kit executable (Kit.exe) to load a specific set of Extensions. Your App is launched using a .bat file that passes your App .kit file to the Kit executable.

Why Create an App?

Consider creating an App when you require specialized 3D software with a customized layout and functionality to streamline your workflow to your needs. For example, your organization might have a need to manage an automotive factory, complete with inventory capabilities, digital twin functionality and AI powered search features. This and much more is possible by creating a custom App. You can choose from existing Extensions and create new ones to develop new functionality.

Learn to Develop Apps

Video Tutorials

Watch our tutorials on creating custom Kit Applications.


Read a guide to learning the anatomy of an Omniverse App and details for setting up the .kit configuration file.

Additional Resources

Watch an overview of custom Kit App development.