Cache on Workstations

General Notes

If any changes are made to cache settings, you may have to restart any applications using cache for the changes to take effect.

Manage Cache With System Monitor

Omniverse Cache can be managed through System Monitor. You can enable/disable cache, change cache location, clear cache, and configure remote cache from this page.


To get there:

  • In Omniverse Launcher, click on the ‘LIBRARY’ tab, click Cache, and then click the ‘CACHE SETTINGS’ button

  • Alternatively, open http://localhost:3080/cache in a web browser

Local and Remote Cache can be enabled or disabled using these switches:


The Cache service can also be stopped from the Apps page.

Remote Cache

In addition to using your local cache, which should always be installed and enabled, you can configure your client to point to an upstream cache.

Choose a remote cache that is closest to your geographical location. If you are on VPN, pick the instance that’s closest to the VPN gateway you’re connecting to

To set remote cache:

  • Enable Remote Cache

  • Type in the hostname and the port number for the remote cache. i.e. Then click ‘Apply’. Port number must be included

Cache Configuration And Ports

Cache uses ports 8891 and 8892 by default, but can be changed.

Ports can be changed in System Monitor. Click on ‘Configure Ports’:


You will land on this page:


Change port numbers however you wish and click ‘Apply’.

Cache configuration files are located in the same directory as the cache executable. You can check where this is by looking at the directory under Cache in the Apps page.