This page provides the information needed for content creators, artists, and developers wanting to download and install Nucleus Workstation for Windows and Linux.

System Requirements

Nucleus stack does not require anything special - it’s a simple CPU/RAM/disk workload.

Here’s what we recommend as the minimum baseline:

  • 6+ reasonable cores

  • 16+ GB of RAM

  • SSD type disk if any kind of load is expected

  • If you don’t know how much disk space to allocate, start with 50 gigs and observe usage, adding disk space as required

In reality, of course, resource usage will highly depend on load.

Ultimately, we recommend monitoring the installation, and adding resources as required.

Differences Between Workstation And Docker

Covered in Nucleus Distributions document. There are 2 other important differences:

  • By default, Workstation version of Omniverse Navigator uses port 8080, Docker version uses port 80

  • Workstation has System Monitor utility, Docker does not have System Monitor

Installing Using Omniverse Launcher

Nucleus Workstation can be downloaded through Omniverse Launcher.

To start installation, navigate to the Launcher’s Nucleus tab and click on Local Nucleus Service.


Set preferred Data Path and click ‘Next’. Enter the desired credentials for the Administrator Account and then click ‘Complete Setup’.

Nucleus Workstation will now download and install. There are several ways to verify the installation:

  • Click the burger menu next to ‘Local Nucleus Service’ and click ‘Settings’ to bring up System Monitor. Check that all services are listed as ‘Running’

  • Click on the folder icon next to ‘Local Nucleus Service’ to bring up Omniverse Navigator. Log in using the Administrator account

  • Connect to System Monitor by opening http://localhost:3080/ in a web browser. Check that all apps are listed as ‘Running’

  • Connect to Navigator by opening http://localhost:8080/ in a web browser. Log in using ‘admin’ as both the username and password, or as ‘omniverse’ as both the username and password