Nucleus Sizing Guide


This page provides the information needed for system administrators size their nucleus servers.

Nucleus Sizing




Operating System

Omniverse Nucleus Workstation

  • 2 to 15 Concurrent Users

  • 2 to 10 Live Edit Users

  • Designed for small groups

  • Performance will depend on workstation

  • Windows 10/11

  • Linux

Omniverse Enterprise Nucleus Docker

  • 500 Concurrent Users

  • 25 Live Edit Users

  • Designed for Production Environments

  • SSO Support

  • Large File Transfer Support (LFT)

  • Secure Transfer

  • Linux Docker


  • Optimal data transfer mechanisms such as HTTP, multithreading, and similar optimizations are not possible with Omniverse Nucleus Workstation​.

  • Advanced authentication features, like Single Sign On, when shipped, will not be available with Omniverse Nucleus Workstation. Only the most basic login/password based auth with internal to this instance accounts will ever be supported.

Omniverse Nucleus Workstation Hardware Minimum Requirements

  • CPU: 6+ Cores​ (3.0 GHz or Higher)

  • Memory: 16 GB ​

  • Storage: 50 GB

Omniverse Enterprise Nucleus Docker Hardware Minimum Requirements

  • CPU: 12 Cores​ (3.0 GHz or Higher)

  • Memory: 32 GB ​

  • Storage: 250 GB


General rules for designing file server.

  • Larger system memory will improve OS filesystem cache, this important for large amount of concurrent file transfer​.

  • Storage will depend on project size. For M&E VFX this may be 100s of TBs.​

  • Additional cores for LFT as number of concurrent users grows. For large servers recommend running LFT on separate CPU socket.