Snap Tool

The snap tool is an extension that allows the user to “snap” to specific increments for exact rotations and alignments. To enable or disable snap, simply click the toolbar icon to toggle it back and forth. To edit the settings of the snap, simply right click the icon to set.

Snap Rollout


When you right click the Snap Tool, the Snap rollout appears.



Snap Settings

Opens the Settings Panel (See Below)

Increment Snap

When Snap to Increment is selected the increments used in Snap Settings are Used.

Face Snap

When Snap to Face is selected the selected object will snap to nearby faces.

Snap Settings


These options are relative only to Incremental Snap Mode and define the distance of each snap “jump”.



x/y/z Position

The number of units in Centimeters to use for Incrementing Snap Position

x/y/z Rotation

The number of degrees to use for Incrementing Snap Rotation


The number of scalar value to use for Incrementing Snap Scale

Note: The snap tool in Omniverse is a relative snapping tool. This means that the snap will be incremental to whatever your current position/rotation/scale is. For example, if you have an object rotated 1 degree then set snapping on for 90 degree increments, the rotation will be 91, 181, 271, etc.