Virtualized Topology


This solution is comprised of (a) NVIDIA RTX A6000, A40, RTX 8000 and/or RTX 6000 graphics cards; (b) NVIDIA RTX vWS software (c) Autodesk Revit 2020, Rhino 3D 6 and SketchUp design software; (d) Omniverse Collaboration and Rendering Software; (e) VMware vSphere 7 Update 2 (f) Teradici Cloud Access Software Solution; (g) Dell DSS 8440, Dell PowerEdge R740, HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10, or HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 servers. These validated solutions provide unprecedented rendering and compute performance at a fraction of the cost, space, and power consumption of traditional CPU-based render nodes, as well as high performance virtual workstations enabling designers and artists to arrive at their best work, faster.

Built on the NVIDIA Ampere™ architecture, the NVIDIA® A40, combine 48GB of graphics memory with the latest generation RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and NVIDIA Ampere architecture CUDA® cores for unprecedented graphics, rendering, and AI performance. Additional support for a range of commercially available remote access software means you can access the power of your RTX desktop workstation from anywhere. Achieve breakthrough innovations with the world’s most powerful graphics solution.

The NVIDIA RTX™ A6000, built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, delivers everything designers, engineers, scientists, and artists need to meet the most graphics and compute-intensive workflows. The RTX A6000 is equipped with the latest generation RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and CUDA® cores for unprecedented rendering, AI, graphics, and compute performance. Certified with a broad range of professional applications, tested by leading independent software vendors (ISVs) and workstation manufacturers, and backed by a global team of support specialists, NVIDIA RTX is the visual computing solution of choice for demanding enterprise deployments.

The NVIDIA RTX 8000 & RTX 6000, both powered by the NVIDIA Turing™ architecture and the NVIDIA RTX platform, brings the most significant advancement in computer graphics in over a decade to professional workflows. Designers and artists can now wield the power of hardware-accelerated ray tracing, deep learning, and advanced shading to dramatically boost productivity and create amazing content faster than ever before.

NVIDIA RTX vWS enables delivery of the most powerful virtual workstations from the data center or cloud to any device, anywhere. It lets IT virtualize any application from the data center with a native workstation user experience, eliminates constrained workflows, and flexibly scales GPU resources to run multiple workloads. Virtualization offers the ability to efficiently centralize applications and data at a dramatically lower IT operating expense which allows administrators to focus IT resources on managing strategic projects versus individual workstations – all while enabling a more secure, work-from-anywhere environment with reduced threat of data loss or leakage.

Server Configuration

Base Configuration


2 x Intel® Xeon® Gold 6354 3.0Ghz 18C/36T or 2 x AMD EPYC™ 7443 2.85Ghz 24C/48T


2.5x Total VRAM


500GB Per User


NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 LX 10G/25G/50G


1 x NVIDIA A40 or 1 x NVIDIA RTX A6000

Digital Twin Server Configuration


2 x Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8362 2.8Ghz 32C/64T


1024GB Memory

Storage 1

2 x M.2 1TB

Storage 2

2 x U.2 8TB


3 x NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 LD 100G/200G


8 x NVIDIA A40

Workload and Topology Overview

It is critical to ensure that the workloads and workflows are understood and validated as they are a critical factor in determining the best profile and sizing to utilize within the entire environment. The reference architecture in this document outlines a workflow with Creators / Designers, Reviewers, and End Client as users across the various mobile workstations and workstations. Your specific environment will differ so a POC (Proof of Concept) is critical to ensure that the performance is acceptable for your set of users.

Virtualized Topology


Virtualized Topology Multiple Enterprise Nucleus Server Deployment


You will find a few roles identified in the topology and you can find their short descriptions below.




Short Description

Power User


Omniverse Create/View

Plan and design land areas for projects from parks, recreational facilities, public areas, hospitals, schools,
residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

Mid User

Visualization Artist
Omniverse Create/View

Transforms designs into realistic dimensional graphics that are easy to understand and translate to real life.

Review Only

Project Manager
Design Manager
Omniverse View

Oversee all aspects of the design and construction process of a building project, from developing and
reviewing building plans.

Omniverse Reference Build

These recommendations are meant to be a guide. The most successful customer deployments start with a proof of concept and are “tuned” throughout the lifecycle of the deployment. Beginning with a POC enables customers to understand the expectations and behavior of their users and optimize their deployment for the best user density while maintaining required performance levels. Continued maintenance is important because user behavior can change over the course of a project and as the role of an individual changes in the organization. A design user that was once a light graphics user might become a heavy graphics user when they change teams or are assigned a different project. Management and monitoring tools enable administrators and IT staff to ensure their deployment is optimized for each user.

Reference Build Table





Minimum GPU

Recommended GPU

Omniverse Nucleus

8 Core Minimum
16 Core Suggested

8GB Minimum
12GB Suggested

100GB Per User Minimum
200GB Per User Suggested



Light Workloads

8 Core Minimum
12 Core Suggested

2.5x Total VRAM

200GB Per User Minimum
500GB Per User Suggested

A40 (vgpu_a40_16q)
AA6000 (vgpu_A6000_16q)

A40 (vgpu_a40_48q)
A6000 (vgpu_a6000_48q)

Medium Workloads

12 Core Minimum
16 Core Suggested

2.5x Total VRAM

500GB Per User Minimum
1TB Per User Suggested

A40 (vgpu_a40_24q)
A6000 (vgpu_A6000_24q)

2x A40 (vgpu_a40_48q aggregate)
2x A6000 (vgpu_a6000_48q aggregate)

Heavy Workloads

16 Core Minimum
24 Core Suggested
2.5x Total VRAM

1TB Per User Minimum
1.5TB+ Per User Suggested
A40 (vgpu_a40_48q)
A6000 (vgpu_a6000_48q)
3x A40 (vgpu_a40_48q aggregate)
3x A6000 (vgpu_a6000_48q aggregate)

Software Build Table

Applications / Software

- Autodesk Revit 2020
- Trimble SketchUp 2020
- Omniverse Nucleus Enterprise version 2020.3
- Omniverse View
- Omniverse Create


- VMware vSphere 7 Update 2 (Required for A40)
- NVIDIA Virtual GPU (vGPU) Software 12 (NVIDIA RTX vWS edition)
- Teradici Cloud Access Software Client