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NVIDIA Omniverse™ Nucleus Services provide additional functionality that enriches the Omniverse user experience and work on a global Omniverse scale. This means, any user connected to a Nucleus will gain the abilities of the installed services. These are fundamentally different from Omniverse Apps, Connectors or Extensions. While they all provide additional functionality, only a Service spans the entirety of an Omniverse network. These services can vary in terms of scope, complexity and requirements. Some services will be small and simple like the asset conversion service which converts files to USD. Others may be large and robust, performing heavy tasks like Deep Tag which integrates AI and rendering to make searching voluminous archives quick and efficient. In conclusion, Services are the Omniverse way to get useful and powerful tools to all your connected clients easily. The services listed on this site are specifically additional and optional services. If you are looking for additional information on the core services offered by Omniverse Nucleus, please see the Nucleus documentation.

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