Connect Overview


Omniverse Connect allows you to use your favorite apps as first class content delivery tools for the Omniverse Platform. With tools like Revit, Rhino, Maya, Unreal Engine, and more these already powerful tools become super charged with all the potential of Omniverse. Realtime Collaboration, Path Traced Side by Side Rendering, Nucleus Snapshots, and USD Translation are just a few of the immediate benefits of working with Omniverse Connectors. Add to those benefits a simple integrated UI and you will find yourself contributing to 3D worlds in omniverse easier than you may have imagined.

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Develop a Connection

Omniverse Connect is more than just its output. Underpinning the connect tools is the connect library. This library allows you to create direct connections to the Omniverse Platform via Extensions and additional software layers. Once you build a connector for your host DCC application, the users of your tool can then interact within omniverse and omniverse worlds. As each connected app is unique, it’s influence too will be unique. For example Texturing Apps, Engineering Apps and Poly Modeler Apps or even Word Processing or Spreadsheet Apps may each contribute omniverse, but each connected app may be contributing different content differently. There really is no limit to how far this technology can reach and lucky for you, its implementation has been made as easy possible.

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Start with this Connect Sample . We have detailed instructions to get you on your way.