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An Omniverse Experience is a collections of apps, plugins, and services built on top of the Omniverse Platform are designed to cater to a specific market workflows.

AEC Experience

Nvidia has been intimately involved with the AEC market for decades providing cutting edge hardware and software for the AEC industry. With the Omniverse AEC Experience we bring that experience to the front and center in the Omniverse by way of an Experience. As the AEC market represents a wide range of products and services. The goal to create a unified data set and complimentary tool-kits has been long sought and now achieved within the Omniverse. Combining a cutting edge path-traced realtime renderer and robust realtime data sharing, the Omniverse AEC Experience delivers faster-than-light edits, highly collaborative workflows, and a robust physically accurate visuals.

The Omniverse AEC Experience Documentation can be found Here.

Isaac Sim: Robotics Experience

Isaac Sim is the Omniverse Experience for simulation and visualization of robots and their environments. You are reading the documentation for the 2020.1 Early Access release, current as of June 2020. The description “Early Access” means it is intended primarily for advanced users willing to work with a limited complement of GUI features, documentation, examples, tutorials and ready-to-use assets. One might think of this as an ‘alpha’ stage of development, but intended for a limited set of external customers ahead of general release later in the year. We expect to make a ‘beta’ release available in late August, 2020.

Users considering how to build a simulation environment from scratch, or introducing a new model of robot, are encouraged to become familiar with the Python scripting system, the APIs of major extensions, and in particular the Universal Scene Description system (USD), the backbone of Omniverse, through which all models in Isaac Sim are expressed.

Key features include:

  • Omiverse Kit application (image below) with Isaac Robot Engine Bridge, sensors and other extensions useful for robotics development, testing and AI training.

  • Omniverse Nucleus asset server with pre-built models for several robots and environments.

  • Omniverse Connect libraries for asset exchange with Unreal Engine 4, SketchUp, Maya, Revit and other modeling tools, as well as importers for common mesh and model formats.

Robotics Experience

Terraform Experience


An App is a program/tool with a narrow focus.


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