Create Overview

What is Omniverse Create?

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Create is an Omniverse app for world-building that allows users to assemble, light, simulate and render large scale scenes. It is built using NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit. The Scene Description and in-memory model is based on Pixar’s USD. Omniverse Create takes advantage of the advanced workflows of USD like Layers, Variants, Instancing and much more.

Coupled with the MDL Material Description and an RTX based renderer running on an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, you can generate visually compelling and physically accurate worlds. Omniverse Create is integrated with Pixar’s Hydra, and therefore can be used to display USD content in any Hydra renderer (e.g Storm, Embree, PRMan etc) which has been built against the appropriate version of USD.

When connected to a Omniverse Nucleus server, worlds can be authored LIVE across multiple Omniverse applications, machines and users for advanced collaborative workflows.



Omniverse Create can connect to many applications using Omniverse Connectors to publish 3D models, materials, animation and lighting into USD format. Connectors are available for many existing tools like Revit, Sketchup, 3ds Max, Rhino, Grasshopper, Maya, Houdini, Unreal, Unity, Blender and more on the way. If you’re tool doesn’t have connector support, you can also convert FBX, OBJ, Gltf, LXO directly to USD format.



Omniverse Create supports baked animation from tools like Maya, Unreal, 3ds Max and supports features like animation clips, skeletal animation, animation caches and blend shapes.

Rendering, Materials and Lighting


The RTX renderer supports 2 modes, realtime ray tracing for high speed playback and an interactive Path Tracer. With support for multiple GPUs, even the Path Tracer can hit realtime rates that enable you to scale your simulation to almost any speed. Render billions of polygons with beautiful global illumination, reflections and refractions.

Simulation and Effects


Omniverse Create includes advanced simulation capabilities including direct integration of PhysX, Blast and Flow for realistic physics, destruction, fire and smoke simulation. You can also use tools like Houdini to export USD animations and effects that can be brought into Omniverse Create and rendered.


Once you have created your scene, you can either output it from the renderer with our Movie Maker tools


The Experimental CloudXR feature is also supported on Tablets for VR/AR support, see

Developer Tools

Omniverse Create is highly extensible - it’s built on Omniverse Kit, an SDK which allows you to develop your own Python extensions to implement new features.


Omniverse Create runs on both Windows & Linux