Audio2Face Overview



Audio2Face is a combination of AI based technologies that generates facial motion and lip sync that is derived entirely from an audio source. Audio2Face offers various ways to exploit the technology – it can be used at runtime or to generate facial animation for more traditional content creation pipelines. Audio2Face also provides a full character transfer pipeline providing the user a simplified workflow that enables them to drive their own characters with Audio2Face technologies. The Data conversion tab also offers various output formats - including the ability to connect a custom Blendshape mesh and export the resulting blend weights.


  • Win 64 1909 or newer.

  • Omniverse Nucleus

    In order to access the sample assets via the local Omniverse mount - please be sure to install the Nucleus application via the Omniverse Launcher.

This Omniverse Launcher Installation Tutorial Video will guide you through the process of setting up the launcher and collaboration tools.