RTX overview

For an overview of Omniverse RTX see the following presentation from SIGGRAPH 2019

What is Omniverse RTX?

Omniverse RTX is NVIDIA’s premiere real-time ray tracing renderer for Omniverse. It exploits the RT Cores present on NVIDIA Turing and newer RTX GPU’s. The renderer has two modes: a ‘real-time’ mode intended for real-time applications and a ‘path traced’ mode intended for highest quality reference rendering.

Real-Time Mode

In real-time mode, the renderer performs a series of separate passes that compute the different lighting contributions (for example: ray traced ambient occlusion, direct lighting with ray traced shadows, ray traced indirect diffuse global illumination, ray traced reflections, or ray traced translucency). Each pass is separately denoised, and the results are composited.

Path Traced Mode

In ‘path traced’ mode, a single path tracing pass is used every frame to incremental sample the lighting contributions from all possible lighting interactions in the scene. This is followed by a single de-noising step using the OptiX AI de-noiser. In both cases, Post Processing effects such as bloom and tone mapping are applied after de-noising.

Multi GPU

Omniverse RTX supports multi-GPU rendering on a single system with up to 16 GPUs, and will soon support rendering across many more GPUs on multiple systems connected over a high bandwidth Mellanox interconnect.

RTX Technology (Video)