API Tokens

Availiable in Nucleus 2022.2.0+

API tokens can be used to non-interactively authenticate SSO accounts from automated clients that can not do interactive logins (e.g., batch processing, remove streamed apps, etc.)

Generate and Manage Tokens

API Tokens may be generated from Nucleus Navigator. After generating tokens, you will be unable to view them again - you may only delete them.

User Token Generation

From Nucleus Navigator:

  1. Right-click the Omniverse server and select “API Tokens”.

API Tokens
  1. The API Tokens window will display.

Create API tokens
  1. Give the token a unique name in the Token Name field and click “Create”.

  2. The token will be displayed in the window.

Create active API token
  1. Click “Copy” to save the token or copy the text from the window.

When do I use this process

The token generation process outlined above may be used in settings where a client allows a username and password. Using the generated token will authenticate as an account to which the token belongs.

To use an API token,

  • Use $omni-api-token (literally that string value, including the leading dollar sign) for the username;

  • Use the token value as the password.

For example, if your client uses a pair of environment variables, OMNI_USER and OMNI_PASS, to enable a user to provide credentials, set OMNI_USER to $omni-api-token (literally, ie, export OMNI_USER='$omni-api-token'), and OMNI_PASS to the value of the token generated in the Web UI.