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class omni.flux.tree_panel.widget.tree.model.Item(parent: Optional[omni.flux.tree_panel.widget.tree.model.Item] = None)

Bases: omni.ui._ui.AbstractItem

Item of the model

__init__(self: omni.ui._ui.AbstractItem) None
abstract can_item_have_children(item: omni.flux.tree_panel.widget.tree.model.Item) bool

Define if the item can have children or not


item – the item itself


If the item can has a children or not

abstract property component_type: Optional[str]

The component type. Use this attribute to set a “type/category” of your item. This attribute is used in the delegate as a style for the branch icon like: f”TreeViewBranch{item.component_type}”

property enabled
abstract on_mouse_pressed()

Called when the user click with the left mouse button


Return the object that will automatically unsubscribe when destroyed. Called when we click on a tool (change of the selected tool)

abstract property title: str

The title that will be showed on the tree

class omni.flux.tree_panel.widget.tree.model.Model

Bases: omni.ui._ui.AbstractItemModel

Basic list model

__init__(self: omni.ui._ui.AbstractItemModel) None

Constructs AbstractItemModel.

kwargs : dict

See below

### Keyword Arguments:

get_item_children(item: Optional[omni.flux.tree_panel.widget.tree.model.Item])

Returns all the children when the widget asks it.

get_item_value_model(item, column_id)

Return value model. It’s the object that tracks the specific value. In our case we use ui.SimpleStringModel.

get_item_value_model_count(item: omni.flux.tree_panel.widget.tree.model.Item)

The number of columns

set_items(items: List[omni.flux.tree_panel.widget.tree.model.Item])

Set the items to show