11. The Ignition-Omniverse connector with Gazebo

The Ignition-omniverse connector (ign-omni) is an experimental, linux only feature that facilitates interactions between Gazebo and Isaac-sim. There are three ways in which these interactions can occur using the Ignition-Omniverse connector.

  1. SDF / USD file conversion

    • ign-omni comes with a tool that can be used to convert from SDF to USD and visa versa, allowing the user to easily migrate assets between Isaac-sim and Gazebo.

  2. Ignition - Nucleus communication

    • ign-omni provides an interface to a nucleus server, allowing multiple gazebo simulations to live sync with each other through a shared USD stage.

  3. Isaac-sim - Ignition hybrid simulation

    • Because the connector provides an interface to nucleus servers, it is possible to stream data directly into and out of two simulations: one running Gazebo, and the other running Isaac-sim. The ign-omni connector is designed to support this use case. For example, Gazebo might be used for planning, while Isaac-sim is used to simulate sensors: joint control signals would then stream from Gazebo to Isaac-sim, while processed sensory data would stream from Isaac-sim to Gazebo.

11.1. Requirements


This feature has only been tested on Ubuntu 20.04

11.2. Tutorials