Included Environments and Robots

General Omniverse Content

General content for Omniverse is found on the NVIDIA Omniverse Mount on your Nucleus server. Within this mount is where you can find an assortment of useful goodies from textures to HDRI Skies to animated rigs. Each bit of content can be helpful for crafting new an imaginative scenes all while you learn your way through the Omniverse.

More information about this content can be found at Omniverse Mount Content.

Isaac Sim Content

Sample assets are available for download with the Omniverse Isaac Sim release. To use this content, you must download the files to a Nucleus server or create an Isaac Mount on a Nucleus server. All asset paths below are assumed to be relative to your Nucleus server.

More information about how to install this content can be found at Isaac Sim First Run or at Sample Assets.


Simple Grid

This simple environment contains a flat ground and sides with a grid texture. Three configurations are provided; the first two have square corners, the third has curved corners.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Environments/Grid/

Square Grid Room


Square Grid Room


Curved Grid Room


Simple Room

A simple room containing a table.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Environments/Simple_Room/simple_room.usd

Simple Room


A warehouse environment with shelving and objects that can be placed on them. Four configurations are provided:

Assets Path: /Isaac/Environments/Simple_Warehouse/

Simple Warehouse


A small warehouse with a single shelf.

Simple Warehouse


A small warehouse with a single shelf and forklifts.

Small warehouse multiple shelves


A small warehouse with multiple shelves.

Full Warehouse


A full-sized warehouse with shelves, obstacles on the floors, and forklifts.


Modular Warehouse assets contain segments of the whole warehouse: /Isaac/Environments/Modular_Warehouse/Props/


A hospital environment, with multiple rooms and spaces.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Environments/Hospital/hospital.usd



An Office Environment, with multiple rooms and an open plan floor.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Environments/Office/office.usd


Jetracer Track

A jetracer track outlined on the ground plane.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Environments/Jetracer/jetracer_track_solid.usd

Jetracer Track

Differential Robots


The NVIDIA Carter robot provides a differential base for navigation-related applications. The Carter v2 is the second iteration of the robot, using the RMP Lite 220 wheelbase.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/Carter/

Carter Robot


Carter Robot



Omniverse Isaac Sim supports Clearpath mobile robots, including the Dingo and Ridgeback.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/Clearpath/

Clearpath Dingo


We also provide 2 configurations of the Clearpath Ridgeback model: one with a Emika Franka Panda manipulator, and one with a Universal Robots UR5 manipulator.

Clearpath Ridgeback with Franka manipulator


Clearpath Ridgeback with UR5 manipulator



The open-source NVIDIA JetBot AI robot platform gives makers, students, and enthusiasts everything they need to build creative, fun, intelligent AI applications.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/Jetbot/

JetBot AI


Jetbot simplified model.

JetBot AI


High-resolution Jetbot model imported from CAD.

Smart Transport Robot

The autonomous Smart Transport Robot (STR) was developed by BMW’s logistics innovation team and Fraunhofer Institute Dortmund.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/Transporter/:
  • transporter.usd - Base Version. Has mobile base physics rigged.

  • transporter_sensors.usd - Base Version plus sensors API (Lidar, First and third person navigation camera).

  • transporter_static.usd - Static model with no physics rigged.

Smart Transport Robot

Differential base robot measurement reference:


Wheel Radius (m)

Wheel Separation (m)













Holonomic Robots


The NVIDIA Kaya robot is a platform to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the Isaac Robot Engine running on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano™ platform. It has been designed with 3D-printed parts and hobbyist components to be as accessible as possible and features a three-wheeled holonomic drive, which allows it to move in any direction.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Kaya/
  • kaya.usd - Base Version.

  • kaya_ogn_gamepad.usd - Base Version plus rigged gamepad control using the holonomic controller.



The O3dyn is an autonomous holonomic transporter developed by Fraunhofer Institute Dortmund. The robot can move in any direction due to its omniwheels, grab pallets using the four levers, and lift the pallet for transport.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/O3dyn/:
  • o3dyn.usd - Base Version. Has mobile base, grippers and lift physics rigged, sensors positioning.

  • o3dyn_controller.usd - Base Version plus rigged gamepad control using the holonomic controller.

Fraunhofer O3dyn Robot

For more details, see Fraunhofer O3dyn documentation.

Quadruped Robots


The Ant is a basic four-legged robot with revolute joints on its legs. It is based on the OpenAI Gym Ant.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Ant/
  • ant.usd - Base Version.

  • ant_instanceable.usd - Base version set up to create multiple efficient clones for RL scenarios.


ANYbotics ANYmal

The ANYmal robot is an autonomous quadruped robot developed by ANYbotics.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/ANYbotics/anymal_c.usd:

Anymal Robot

Unitree A1/Go1

The A1 and Go1 are models of quadruped robots developed by Unitree robotics. The A1 is used in the Quadruped isaac example.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/Unitree/

Unitree A1


Unitree Go1



To see examples controlling quadruped robots: Quadruped

Robotic Manipulators

Denso Cobotta

The following Denso models models are included: Cobotta Pro 900, Cobotta Pro 1300.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/Denso/

Denso Cobotta Pro 900 Robot


Denso Cobotta Pro 900 Model.

Denso Cobotta Pro 1300 Robot


Denso Cobotta Pro 1300 Model.


This is DofBot, an affordable robotic arm with NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Dofbot/dofbot.usd


DofBot Manipulator.


The Festo Cobot is a 6-axis pneumatic manipulator.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Festo/festo_cobot.usd

Festo Cobot

Festo Cobot.

Flexiv: Rizon 4

The Flexiv Robot Rizon 4 is a 7-axis adaptive manipulator.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Flexiv/Rizon4/flexiv_ronzin4.usd

Flexiv Adaptive Robot

Flexiv Adaptive Robot.

Franka Emika: Panda

The Franka Emika: Panda robot is provided in two configurations, the base/default configuration and the alternate finger gripper configuration used by the Leonardo preview sample application.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/Franka/

Franka Panda


Base Franka.

Franka With Alternate Fingers


Franka With Alternate Fingers.


Our library has following Kawasaki Robot models: RS007L, RS007N, RS013N, RS025N, RS080N.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/Kawasaki/

RS007L Robot


RS007L Model.

RS007N Robot


RS007N Model.

RS013N Robot


RS013N Model.

RS025N Robot


RS025N Model.

RS080N Robot


RS080N Model.


Our library has following Kinova Robot models: Jaco 2 J2N6300 and J2N7S300.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/Kinova/Jaco2

J2N6S300 Robot


J2N6S300 Model.

J2N7S300 Robot


J2N7S300 Model.

Rethink Robotics

Our library has following Rething Robotics model: Sawyer.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/RethinkRobotics

Sawyer Robot


Universal Robotics

Omniverse Isaac Sim supports the following Universal Robots models: UR3/3e, UR5/5e, UR10/10e, UR16e.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/UniversalRobots/

UR3 Robot


UR3 Model.

UR5 Robot


UR5 Model.

UR3e Robot


UR3e Model.

UR5e Robot


UR5e Model.

UR10 Robot


UR10 Model.

UR10e Robot


UR10e Model.

UR16e Robot


UR16e Model.

The UR10 model also has three additional configurations. The first is a base version, which has no end effector and is used to compose the other versions. The second model has a wrist camera mount and a suction cup end effector, while the third version contains a larger vacuum gripper system.

Assets Path: /Isaac/Robots/UR10/

UR10 Base


Base, No End Effector.

UR10 With Short Suction Gripper


Short Suction Gripper.

UR10 With Long Suction Gripper


Long Suction Gripper.

Shadow Robot: Shadow Hand

The Shadow dexterous robotic hand developed by Shadow Robot features 24 Revolute Joints between the arm, palm, and fingers to emulate human movement.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/ShadowHand/
  • shadow_hand.usd - Base Version.

  • shadow_hand_instanceable.usd - Base version set up to create multiple efficient clones for RL scenarios.

Shadow Hand

Wonik Robotics: Allegro Hand

The Allegro robotic hand developed by Wonik Robotics features 16 torque-controlled joints represented by Revolute Joints in Omniverse Isaac Sim.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/AllegroHand/
  • allegro_hand.usd - Base Version.

  • allegro_hand_instanceable.usd - Base version set up to create multiple efficient clones for RL scenarios.

Allegro Hand

Aerial Robots


The Crazyflie 2.X micro quadcopter robot.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Crazyflie/cf2x.usd



The Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Ingenuity/ingenutity.usd

Ingenuity, Mars Helicopter


Generic quadcopter robot.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Quadcopter/quadcopter.usd



Listed below are a few character available in Isaac-Sim.

Police Man

Male character in police uniform with retargeted skeleton.

Asset Path: /Isaac/People/Characters/original_male_adult_police_04/male_adult_police_04.usd

Police Man

Male Doctor

Male character in doctor uniform with retargeted skeleton.

Asset Path: /Isaac/People/Characters/original_male_adult_medical_01/male_adult_medical_01.usd

Male Doctor

Police Woman

Female character in police uniform with retargeted skeleton.

Asset Path: /Isaac/People/Characters/original_female_adult_police_02/female_adult_police_02.usd

Police Woman

Construction Worker

Male character in construction uniform with retargeted skeleton.

Asset Path: /Isaac/People/Characters/original_male_adult_construction_03/male_adult_construction_03.usd

Construction Worker


User can change a character’s clothing color by modifying material’s Property -> Material and Shader value

Here is an example of how to change male_adult_construction_03’s safety hat’s color

  • First, expand the character on the stage menu and navigate to their Looks folder. Example - /World/male_adult_construction_03/Looks.

  • Next, select your target material (Example - opaque__plastic__hardhat) and change material’s Property -> Material and Shader -> Albedo -> Color Tint value to adjust character’s color.

select male_adult_construction_03's hat's material
change hat color
change whole body color

Miscellaneous Assets


The Cartpole agent depicts a cart with a free-spinning pole on a frictionless track. It is based on the OpenAI Gym Cartpole problem.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Cartpole/cartpole.usd



The Humanoid asset depicts a humanoid agent with joints connecting appendages for emulating human movement. It is based on an asset from the DeepMind dm_control suite.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Humanoid/
  • humanoid.usd - Base Version.

  • humanoid_instanceable.usd - Base version set up to create multiple efficient clones for RL scenarios.



This is Jetracer, a research platform for autonomous driving.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/JetRacer/jetracer.usd



The NVIDIA Simple example provides a starting point to experiment with Isaac Robotics.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Simple/simple_articulation.usd

Simple Articulation

Vehicle Example

The basic vehicle example provides a framework for creating mobile platforms.

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Vehicle/

Basic Vehicle

April Tags

We provide a simple mdl material that can index into a April Tag mosaic image.

To use, add the material to your stage using Create->Isaac->April Tag-> or by dragging the following material into the stage from the content browser


Then create a mesh cube using Create->Mesh->Cube and assign the AprilTag material to that prim

The material has the following parameters which need to be configured:

  • Mosaic texture The path to the texture that contains the grid of April tag images

  • Tag Size The width/height of the tag in pixels

  • Tags Per Row The number of tag images per row in the mosaic

  • Spacing The number of padding pixels between each tag image

  • Tag ID The index of the tag to use.

Some sample mosaic textures are provided in /Isaac/Materials/AprilTag/Textures/

The figure below shows example usage using /Isaac/Materials/AprilTag/Textures/tag36h11.png

April Tag Example Usage