USD Unit Converter Utility


The USD Unit Converter Utility Extension is used to convert the base units of USD assets. The extension scans through physics properties and scales them accordingly. The extension can be used to update all referenced stages or make the unit conversion changes on the selected stage only.

To access this Extension, go to the top menu bar and click Isaac Utils > USD Unit Converter.

User Interface

Unit Converter UI

Configuration Options

  • Update Files/folders: If selected, Updates selected files or all files on folder, otherwise updates currently open stage.

  • Update All Referenced Stages: If selected Updates all USD files that are referenced by this asset, otherwise makes changes only on the selected stage

  • New Meters per Unit: New stage unit scale from meters.

  • Process Stage(s): Click the button to make the changes. Stages will be automatically saved. Changes can be undone by using former scaling factor and pressing Process Again

Tutorials & Examples

The following example demonstrates how to toggle the stage units between meters and millimeters:

Unit Converter Demonstation