Standard License Install Guide


Standard License Setup

Ideal for individuald and small teams, a Standard deployment is a fairly straightforward process thanks to the Omniverse Omniverse Launcher.


The Standard deployment is only intended to be installed and used within a LAN (Local Area Network) environment. If this installation will be used for collaboration (i.e., additional users connecting to this Workstation), all users are required to either be located on the same internal network, or connected to that network via VPN. Exposing ports publicly and/or using port forwarding is not supported and may not function as expected.

Setup Instructions

  1. Download the Launcher.

  2. Install Launcher.


    It is strongly advised users enable Cache during setup. If for some reason Cache was not setup during install, Cache can be installed any time in the Omniverse Launcher. Install Cache with Launcher.

  3. Install Nucleus Workstation. See Nucleus Tab for details.

  4. Install Apps/Connectors. See Install Apps for details.